I admit, I’m human and I periodically struggle with empathy, where one slips inside the shoes of another being. Sometimes my brain gets it and I empathise with the individual there and then. However, for the most part, I literally have no experience, so I honestly struggle to make sense of a given situation or… Read More

As I rekindle my thoughts about formalising a business structure, I want to take a firm stand within culture, especially when I feel compelled to go against the norm of corporate mentality. What am I saying exactly? In layman’s terms, I stupidly want to pursue business integrity, which is a rare and a potentially risky… Read More

Around a month ago, I felt compelled to pen a reflection regarding an issue that troubles me every now and again. It’s only lately that I want to voice in writing and share. I am always amused when a bloke professes his typecast description of their wife or girlfriend. I’m siding with the guy’s opinion,… Read More

My parents are fairly conservative as Christians, but they don’t associate themselves as conservative, which I think is healthy. Well, you don’t see the phrase “conservative Christian” (never mind the word “conservative”) in the Bible, yet we seem to be nilly-willy about labelling ourselves like we belong to a divided religious sect, as opposed to… Read More