I am getting used to my new routine. Everyday, I overdress in a blue suit and tie with smart slip-on shoes. You think I’m prepped to work at the London Stock Exchange, but really I am based in ICT juggling two roles, where I train staff in Microsoft Office and I also provide 1st and… Read More

It’s 2016 and I’ve been busy up to my eyeballs with work and clearing out stuff (be it physical or spiritual). At the dawn of turning another year forward, I have decided to put the brakes on and curb some Internet distractions. Am I going to find refuge as a monk among the Iona community… Read More

I had a very different Christmas in 2015. I was home alone. I didn’t bother with the Christmas tree and the sparkly stuff that some find much excitement in what makes a season “Christmassy.” Perhaps, its because I am cynical, or possibly because of the early-bird culture of Christmas marketing. I don’t need a tree… Read More

I can see my two feet again. I know the ground that I am walking on again. My feet tread on new terrain, yet the path is a familiar soul. For several long weeks (actually… 28 long months since my last employment), I have been waiting on a consecutive confirmation from a pending job application.… Read More