It is rather ironic to have applied for a role which strives to engage with the corporate world to promote a “work-balance” lifestyle. First and foremost, I personally believe a true work balance lifestyle can only be achieved if one was self-employed, as you govern your own working hours. Secondly, I am a single –… Read More

I can only describe my day on Wednesday of last week as “Mmm…” The LORD revealed to me a specific answer to prayer regarding a job. In addition, I have been encouraged in what I am passionate to achieve for God’s glory, but I am so overwhelmed with the task that I backtrack like a… Read More

Whit-choo! That is my improvised spelling and sound of a whip. Employment is a modern form of slavery, except for the most part where you leave with a paltry salary after tax is calculated from your gross pay.  We are blessed here in the UK that we have a tax-free Personal Allowance of £11k, before… Read More

In late February, I received my minted ‘permanent’ contract which I unintentionally buried in my pile of paperwork and business magazines on my study desk. I then transferred my unsigned permanent contract from my study desk to my satchel for two further weeks. By the time I *finally* hand-delivered my change of contract to HR,… Read More