My study desk is a mess. I haven’t seen the entirety of the faux wood of my study desk in ages, and I’m talking years. There was a time where I could literally rest my head and have a wee siesta. There are 6 towers of piled books that are levelling up like wannabe skyscrapers.… Read More

Remember that classic scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? You know, the last movie of the “original” trilogy, the one before the flopped sequel, Indiana Jones and the Golden Zimmer. Anyhow, towards the end of the movie, Indy encounters three testing challenges, in the search of the holy grail, in a race against… Read More

There is a gentle stillness that I sense with God, which I know He is calling me to wait. Although, I haven’t audibly heard God’s voice in this [very] moment in time, I do believe God is still urging me to hold on and wait. I don’t quite know what I am to wait on, or wait for… perhaps the rare sighting of a blue moon.… Read More