2017 is already another day in the office as it were. Everyday for me is an opportunity to learn, grow and mature. From the moment I wake up each day and realise that I’m given another day to live and breathe, I strive to live that day for the LORD and give Him the glory… Read More

My Google Nexus 5 phone that I sourced from eBay earlier this year has been playing up lately. Upon learning that my battery could be out of juice due to the sudden shutdowns on my phone, I sought to find a replacement battery. Fortunately, because it’s an old style Android phone, the components are user-replaceable.… Read More

This year marks the first time I have overcome the winter blues. Fall going into winter isn’t exactly my favourite season. I miss the Vitamin D from the rays of the sun to rejuvenate my energy. I like spring because of the new birth of vegetation and plants. For me, it represents a season of… Read More

Things are happening. What things I hear you ask? Subtle confirmations. Loud confirmations. I know the LORD has confirmed to me to remain where I am, despite secretly applying for intriguing opportunities here and there. I guess it’s the flesh-based impulse to prove that I can secure a better pay, or be surrounded in a… Read More