Dear Friends, I wish to tread on a topic that has aggravated our country with such passion, so much so that both camps have been spewing hate and pointing others in blame. It feels like being at elementary school again. When I was first entitled to vote at the age of 18, I voted with… Read More

At the time of writing, I will be working my last week of work before I stop for a 2-week sabbatical (a.k.a. annual leave). I’m not going anywhere fancy like Hong Kong, or visit the district of galleries in Washington DC. Nor will I be travelling to London for a 5-day coaching trip to see… Read More

Today’s reference and reflection comes from Matthew 6:1-15 (with much emphasis on the foremost part in verses 1-4). It’s a classic passage yet often overlooked when one is consumed by their emotions and awe of another, especially towards others whom we assume are called by the LORD. I say the latter part with such stringency,… Read More

I found myself rummaging the top drawer of my bedside unit last weekend. It’s a drawer where I stash personal letters, receipts and installation discs for computers… and other random guff. I felt the urge to tidy it up and do a clear out. I forgot I held fond memories of past events and evidence… Read More