Last week I have felt rather challenged about life. I will try my best to articulate a reflection that doesn’t trip me up regarding things that I cannot yet disclose. So, for those who still journey with me, all I can ask is that you look beyond the lines of this reflection. For a quiet… Read More

Why do we keep hurting the Church? We can easily identify the short answer of this question. Because of sin, but it doesn’t explain why we still think we know better than God and continue to do so with arrogance and disobedience. I have been hurt and bullied at church since childhood. It made going… Read More

When I uploaded a reflection in late July 2016, I omitted a small piece of news on the same day that I was due to publish my reflection online. I received word from work that the directorate want to extend my services up to March of next year, which would take me up to the… Read More

This will be my first reflection over multiple mugs of tea at a quaint Starbucks store in Glasgow, as I peck the mechanical keys on my tiny Lenovo business laptop running Windows 10 Professional. Who would expect that I would need to write some context? Well, partly because writing a blog reflection is a bit… Read More