Last Saturday, I teamed together with two fellow brothers in Christ to attend a men’s conference regarding Christian integrity within the workplace. I admit, I didn’t expect to gain much because I have been out of work for a while, and I was secretly dreading the friendly ice-breaker question “So, what do you do for… Read More

It is always a great feeling to see light at the end of the tunnel. It is the hope in leaving the grim shadow that seem to encapsulate our surroundings and survival for growth, especially when some of us long to walk intimately with the LORD. Recently, an older sister in Christ reaffirmed what I… Read More

If you sit in the pews of a local church, you may have a thing for your local pastor. You may naturally envision him to be a mighty man of God with a bold vision for the local church, which you presume will work towards the greater cause for building the Kingdom of God. The… Read More

There is a saying that goes… “If you want to get something done, do it yourself.” Short reflective answer, Yes, it’s true! Early last week, I dared myself to write a repeat email to a library in the land of the free. I wanted to secure an overseas membership, as I wanted to gain access… Read More