Today’s reference and reflection comes from Matthew 6:1-15 (with much emphasis on the foremost part in verses 1-4). It’s a classic passage yet often overlooked when one is consumed by their emotions and awe of another, especially towards others whom we assume are called by the LORD. I say the latter part with such stringency,… Read More

I found myself rummaging the top drawer of my bedside unit last weekend. It’s a drawer where I stash personal letters, receipts and installation discs for computers… and other random guff. I felt the urge to tidy it up and do a clear out. I forgot I held fond memories of past events and evidence… Read More

I can’t help but find mild amusement in various thoughts regarding marriage and relationships leading up to marriage. I am approaching this reflection with utmost sensitivity for obvious reasons. I also feel compelled to share with others who may be experiencing similar scenarios in their personal lives, especially some of our younger readers of this… Read More

I admit, I’m human and I periodically struggle with empathy, where one slips inside the shoes of another being. Sometimes my brain gets it and I empathise with the individual there and then. However, for the most part, I literally have no experience, so I honestly struggle to make sense of a given situation or… Read More