In late February, I received my minted ‘permanent’ contract which I unintentionally buried in my pile of paperwork and business magazines on my study desk. I then transferred my unsigned permanent contract from my study desk to my satchel for two further weeks. By the time I *finally* hand-delivered my change of contract to HR,… Read More

Why are we as believers so blinking incompetent to practice our faith? Should a brother or sister in Christ need prayer support or a genuine heartfelt request for help, why are we impulsive to raise a prayer emoji, or nod in sympathy. When will we go out of our way to make physical time with… Read More

It’s a good feeling to return to a local church but to new surroundings. For a busy independent evangelical church without a stationed minister, this local church has its fingers inside a lot of ministries… and I mean a lot, including proven ministries such as Glasgow City Mission and Street Pastors. The church comes across… Read More

Well, that was an expensive flexi day from work last Monday. I should really focus on being a workaholic these days, as I seem to spend money mostly when I’m on annual leave. Have you ever had one of those weird moments, where you suddenly check upon something that hasn’t been on your immediate mind… Read More