It is the beginning of May and after a month since my initial panic to see my local dentist to arrange for an oral surgery, which I’m still waiting for a letter to confirm my appointment. I am likely to phone the dentist to cancel my unknown appointment with the NHS. My oral mucocele is… Read More

This faith-driven approach to living for each day as it comes is rather challenging, especially when you’re not exactly sure in *what to expect* or *what to wait for* in what you believe that the LORD will deliver on. I am not sure if I am waiting on a full-time job, a part-time job, a… Read More

These days, I seem to be more teary-eyed and weepy when I pray. My tear ducts collect eyeball liquid like Nevada’s Hoover Dam. The amusing thing is that I’m not an overtly emotional guy. In fact, I’m one of those people who tend to be implosive and reserved, as opposed to being one of those… Read More

Two weeks ago, I formally signed up to join the local gym. The last time I actually used the gym was actually back in 2009, before I was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix. Personally, I don’t like the gym because it is full of germs (yes, I’m that guy!), but I want to discipline my… Read More