These days, I seem to be more teary-eyed and weepy when I pray. My tear ducts collect eyeball liquid like Nevada’s Hoover Dam. The amusing thing is that I’m not an overtly emotional guy. In fact, I’m one of those people who tend to be implosive and reserved, as opposed to being one of those… Read More

Two weeks ago, I formally signed up to join the local gym. The last time I actually used the gym was actually back in 2009, before I was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix. Personally, I don’t like the gym because it is full of germs (yes, I’m that guy!), but I want to discipline my… Read More

I consider myself to have a good relationship with my local dentist. Our relationship has blossomed since I was in high school, and that’s going back in time! My only gripe with going to the dentist is that we never really learn much from one another, since I tend to have a check-up that lasts… Read More

I received an e-mail regarding a potential job opportunity, which for me is like an attractive female taking an interest in me. It just doesn’t add up. My initial response was simply, “Eh?!” Why has my portfolio sparked an interest with a creative agency all of a sudden? Especially, when I have used the same… Read More