Time is incredibly precious, and yet, we live our daily lives like there’s no tomorrow. For most folk, every day is a willy-nilly experience. It’s weird how we desire to cruise home and commute speedily just to shave off several minutes from our journey, or we will pay extra for a nicer home to live… Read More

Never would I live to see the day where I find myself married to my work. At the original time of writing, I have 17 days left from my 26-day annual leave entitlement. The last time I took a full week of annual leave was back in May. And yes, we don’t have public or… Read More

I became a giddy owner of a vintage Brother Portable Typewriter JP-1 (1963) from eBay. The last time I used a typewriter was at my grandmother’s house. This of course, was back in the day in my pre-teens. Her typewriter was of a steel unibody encased in jade green plastic. I loved the mechanical press… Read More

I finally spared some time to tinker with the back-end infrastructure of this quiet blog. For the time being, I am still using WordPress. I decided to start from scratch in creating a new database and make everything overly security. I have imported all the important content including the posts, images and comments. I am… Read More

In my human mind, I am beginning to be bothered about being kind hearted in nature. You are laser targeted to be taken advantage of because of one’s ‘good’ nature. In my silly response, I don’t retaliate or charm my way to satisfy my flesh. Instead, I seek to respond against the grains of human… Read More