It’s a good feeling to return to a local church but to new surroundings. For a busy independent evangelical church without a stationed minister, this local church has its fingers inside a lot of ministries… and I mean a lot, including proven ministries such as Glasgow City Mission and Street Pastors. The church comes across… Read More

Well, that was an expensive flexi day from work last Monday. I should really focus on being a workaholic these days, as I seem to spend money mostly when I’m on annual leave. Have you ever had one of those weird moments, where you suddenly check upon something that hasn’t been on your immediate mind… Read More

2017 is already another day in the office as it were. Everyday for me is an opportunity to learn, grow and mature. From the moment I wake up each day and realise that I’m given another day to live and breathe, I strive to live that day for the LORD and give Him the glory… Read More

My Google Nexus 5 phone that I sourced from eBay earlier this year has been playing up lately. Upon learning that my battery could be out of juice due to the sudden shutdowns on my phone, I sought to find a replacement battery. Fortunately, because it’s an old style Android phone, the components are user-replaceable.… Read More