I became a giddy owner of a vintage Brother Portable Typewriter JP-1 (1963) from eBay. The last time I used a typewriter was at my grandmother’s house. This of course, was back in the day in my pre-teens. Her typewriter was of a steel unibody encased in jade green plastic. I loved the mechanical press… Read More

I finally spared some time to tinker with the back-end infrastructure of this quiet blog. For the time being, I am still using WordPress. I decided to start from scratch in creating a new database and make everything overly security. I have imported all the important content including the posts, images and comments. I am… Read More

In my human mind, I am beginning to be bothered about being kind hearted in nature. You are laser targeted to be taken advantage of because of one’s ‘good’ nature. In my silly response, I don’t retaliate or charm my way to satisfy my flesh. Instead, I seek to respond against the grains of human… Read More

I recently travelled to Edinburgh. I didn’t travel for business or pleasure. During my short leg walk around Scotland’s cobbled capital, I couldn’t help but sense a whiff of mysticism. I’m sure you sense something similar. Perhaps not. But I’m sure you will agree that certain locations or places captivate indescribable senses. Perhaps I just… Read More

This is not the suitable time for your laptop motherboard to start failing you. Lately, my MacBook Pro 17 inch (Early 2011) has been shutting down too frequently due to the failing dedicated graphics card from AMD. I am also officially outside my 5-year warranty period to claim (yet another) a free repair. I could… Read More