I decided to do the unthinkable and that was to clean my cupboard, not only was it piled high like a dog’s dinner, but I had lost one of my 8GB Lexar Professional UDMA 300x CF cards. I’m not the kind to lose things, but on this occasion, I literally lost it! Thankfully, I found it after 4 hours later. It was around four hours, because I had the BBC iPlayer streaming in the background and it was playing Pixar/Disney’s The Incredibles. Followed straight afterwards was Jack-Jack Attack, which is the short film produced by Pixar based upon the smash-fit film The Incredibles, which is a bonus feature on The Incredibles DVD and Blu-ray discs. Afterwards, there was a re-run of Disney’s Enchanted, which features Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams. I admit, I find Enchanted a bit cheesy, yet a bit jolly. The outburst of song brought a smile to my face as I was humming along to the Happy Working Song, though I had to work a little harder on my own since I couldn’t summon any natural wildlife across the street, purely because I didn’t call out from my bedroom window. I’ll take note next time.

I found a lot of stuff that I thought I had tossed in the bin, but somehow I kept them and stashed them in my cupboard like a devious hamster. At the same time, I feel relieved to throw away plenty of rubbish from the past, and empty my room and clear out my life pretty much. I hope to create a new page to list my gear that I use for my Canon 350D SLR camera. It is relatively short, and I have more useful accessories than I do lenses, which is basically the bog-standard EF-S 18-55mm lens kit. I will set that up sometime this week, and revamp the design of the website too, as I wish to accommodate more of the blog listings, than recent posts to the side on the home page.


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