There goes a saying, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”. So what does the picture above suggest? Is it the fanciful shapes of the clouds that form new shapes, or can you see the skies retelling a story to those who gaze? I’m fond of the shape of the far-right cloud, which has a diamond-like gap in the middle. This image is not edited in Photoshop by any means, and it was captured with my trusty Canon EOS 350D SLR camera in manual mode. I had to photograph the clouds fast, as they form and amalgamate into new shapes almost every second, and it’s rare for us to gaze up to the skies in wonder to see clear blue skies with some light clouds passing along.

Going back to the saying, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” – if I look again to the clouds perfect form and revisit the far-right cloud (yes, I seem to have a thing for the far-right cloud), the diamond gap is minimised from my minds focus and I see the mouth of a dragon, just slight to the left of the cloud, with fangs as wide as his mouth. It’s amazing how the mind plays games, and how eyes perceive things in general. Often is the case, we need to look beyond the obvious to capture our attention and imagination, and I admit, it’s been a long time since I sky-gazed. If I am to revisit the picture a third time, I see a turtle-like creature on the left-hand cloud, with his shell to his humped back, with his feet dangling below, but with a surprising circular-shaped eye. Again, this photo is not Photoshopped! It’s merely a RAW image, and the technical details are as follows: Canon 350D, 55mm, 1/1250 @ f/5.6, ISO 400

Curiously, if I was to look at the image one last time, I actually see a love heart in the picture among the clouds, but beyond the obvious – I see God’s creation. What do you see in the picture above? When was the last time you gazed up to the skies, and what do you see beyond the obvious?


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