As a photographer, I enjoy peering my eyeball behind the viewfinder of my camera as a way to observe the world from a rectangular perspective, but with endless possibilities. I enjoy capturing close-ups of nature and find it so captivating to photograph the delicacy of the small details of creation. I find it amusing in general that people are quick to copyright pictures, particularly nature and landscape photography. I mean, did you really create the plant and trees or were you fortunate to see the beautiful side to its beauty? Did you really paint the landscape or did you simply capture the scene at a special moment in life? Copyrighting nature seems a bit silly in one sense, but it is so profitable to sell because of its beauty!

Curiously, I noticed two imperfections with this photograph and it has nothing to do with my lens, but it is only now that I see the photos in a high-resolution monitor that I now affirm these imperfections. One of which is a visible black dot to the side of a green leaf to the left – I know, who would have thought! The other is a slice to one of the red berries. Imperfections? I think it is beautiful, because this is how nature changes. One day there is ice sprinkled over leaves, the next day it may disappear. Likewise, the berries captured in this particular shot are no longer with us. Tweety Pie needs to eat too! The next time you see an ‘imperfection’ – capture it, because the next time it may no longer be there!


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