Lately, I have found myself spending more time in prayer and reflection, because there is nothing going for me in life, in terms of my future is uncertain. I say this, as I will soon graduate from seminary in May and graduate in early July this year. It has been a struggle to see the wood of my study desk, but I will definitely be celebrating once I have the opportunity to do so. I have also received confirmation from the LORD of the possibility to study for primary school teaching at a postgraduate level. I had applied to study at Glasgow University and the University of Strathclyde last year in the hope to study a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). The former offered a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, which was better from an academic perspective, but Strathclyde Jordanhill was renowned for the teaching training. In the end I was turned down by both institutions. I was expecting a Dear John letter from the University of Strathclyde, especially when I sensed the questions that were asked during the interview were far too generic – like the interview was a mere setup, purely because Glasgow University turned me down (as they were my first choice). The University of Strathclyde, however was my second choice. So in conclusion, I am not called to teach here in the UK, but I can still freely teach abroad, which I have done previously and would be thrilled to do it again, but I feel it is not the right time. I hope to secure an extension to work over the summer months, so I can earn some extra cash, which would allow me to consider my options after the summer holidays. I have also glanced at doing work with UCCF as a staff worker. Curiously, for the first time in many years, there are no positions in Scotland. Having had experience with UCCF from behind the scenes when I was involved with my local Christian Union at Dundee University and the University of Abertay – I feel different, as you are relying on the students motivation to achieve a Christian student presence based on campus. It’s a great ministry, but the real work needs to come from the students themselves. The UCCF staff worker acts as a mentor and supporting leader, who ignites passion and gathers momentum for students to channel the Good News on campus.

I feel that only two options remain – with Christian ministry (possibly in life in the church) and freelance web design. Not quite sure how the two could integrate, and it doesn’t help when I have itchy feet to serve with OMF, as I feel a growing call to serve God in China. Despite feeling uncertain about my future in the coming months, I do feel peace about the whole situation. Either way, I want to apply my creative skills and be of service for the Kingdom of God. I want others to learn, discover and embrace of God’s Indescribable Love.


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