Have you ever seen a praying insect? Well, according to this accidental photographic evidence – you have now! Actually, I think this wee guy was doing Tai Chi, as it was stretching its wee legs and branching out its wings simply to annoy me in complete amazement. What next for the insect? Will it fly away, or continue stretching or perhaps melt under the scorching heat waves of the sun? I found myself in a similar situation, not so much stretching, but pondering what to do next in life, after graduating from yet another degree course.

Though I am qualified to pursue a job in Christian ministry, I find myself a tad young to juggle the responsibility of people’s life’s and dealing with people’s problems. I have no issue with counselling and leading or listening out to the LORD in prayer and reading the Word, but I was advised to only do ministry if I cannot do anything else. My pastor is right and with good reason, as a job as a pastor of a local church is a long-term service. For me, I haven’t pinned a full-time job because of my studies, but I know there is much more to explore and experience in life. There is more to see in this world before settling down to the walls of a church, and I must admit, I have a passion to explore the digital world of photography, web design and graphic design.

At the same time, I’m keen to do a Masters in Journalism, but I’m not convinced that an academic course can offer the best in gaining the valuable experience of the playing field and dealing with the pressures of everyday journalism. Mind you, photojournalism interests me more than press photography and journalism in general. Only time will tell. At the moment, I can only remind myself of the praying insect and ask ‘What next?’


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