Life is incredible! The journey certainly continues, especially more so now that I have graduated from seminary school. It was a humbling experience to have graduated, knowing that I spent four years studying theology and pastoral studies – and to find it fulfilling and challenging in many areas. Academically, I am qualified to be a pastor of a local church, but I have yet to commit a 24/7 action-packed schedule to attend and indulge in church life round the clock. For one, I don’t have the physicaly health to cope with such a busy schedule. During the summer months, I have been on my toes with summer placement at work doing web development and graphic design. I enjoy what I do, and I am thankful to have the opportunity to express myself freely through creative mediums on a digital canvas. There is just something special when presented with a sheet of paper or a blank screen – the mind illuminates with artistry.

I still hope to serve the LORD God through local missions in Glasgow, and I am particularly keen to be in touch with born-again, evangelical Christian pastors based in Glasgow. I wish to seek a prayer circle of Christian pastors and be able to share a vision for the Church to respond to the people in Glasgow. I am also hoping to explore the lay preaching association, and step in faith to preaching at churches, now that I have finished my studies. I want to continue exploring the call to Christian ministry and I still seek and pray for a Christian wife. I sincerely desire a dear friend who can accept and love me for who I am, but most importantly, I pray for a sister in Christ who is spiritually and biblically sound. I long for someone who is strong and confident in her Christian faith, but also a prayer warrior in Christ.

However, that is the thing! As simplistic as I may have laid down a prayer request for a Christian wife, I struggle to see (and sense in the Holy Spirit) of a Christian girl who is mature in her faith and biblical in her principles. Nowadays, the Christian tag is merely a label, where one becomes associated with a big happy society at a local church, as opposed to a sincere and growing relationship with the LORD. It is rare, (at least where I live) to see Christian girls who long to serve the LORD and be shaped in a Christ-like manner in Godly character and display fruits of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps, I am sarcastic or old-fashioned, or maybe I should go to Specsavers and grab another pair of rimmed glasses. Maybe, just maybe, I have overlooked someone local to me, unless my wife is based elsewhere, to which I have always believed to be was from the States.


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