It is that time of the year, where you simply want to snuggle in bed and remain in bed, especially first thing in the early morning. Not only does the weather dip in temperature from our rather short stint of summer, but the sun hides behind the clouds and darkness and doesn’t pop its face to glee its radiant light until later on the day – and your noggin gets rather confused when the clocks go back one hour in late October. As autumn rapidly approaches with the tanned-orange leaves and the pre-winter winds, I am blessed that I will be having some time off throughout the next two weeks. I hope to find some inspiration after working 4-months solid of summer placement at work. Not only do I want to do some street photography and sketching, but also it has been a while since I have wondered around Glasgow, now that I have finished with my studies. I miss observing people. I am easily amused by people’s body language, the way folk dress and style themselves – the way folk sit around George Square resting along the edges chirping with the pigeons in some mysterious dialogue that I find puzzling. I miss admiring the young couples who are madly in love. I miss the suited men and women who float from street to street in such a business orderly fashion. Essentially, I miss witnessing God’s creation in the people He created. I miss the intimacy of being with the LORD in solitude and reflection, around His creation.


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