It was good timing for me to travel around Glasgow yesterday. Not only did it do me good to get away from work and enjoy my time of rest – with dry weather and clear blue skies, but it’s been a while since I sat down and reflected on life. Before setting off, I decided to travel with my full kit (MBP, Canon EOS 350D SLR and Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5), as a way of getting used to with the weight and being ready for anything. I even stocked my bag with several books for some reading and my sketchpad in the hope to do a sketchcrawl.

I ordered my favourite Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks and grabbed a pew by the window, gazing into the outside world like a trapped fish inside a cubed fish tank sipping into my hot beverage. It was good to switch the mind off and observe others passing by, and strangely I could relate with the sheer majority of folk who were journeying forward. Going by the body language of the people that I observed, on the surface they seemed content with their present life, and yet at the same time, they didn’t feel satisfied – like there was more to life than journeying from A to B. I myself came to a similar realisation, but the only difference is simply my faith in Christ Jesus as my LORD and Saviour.

My inspiration came, when I felt led to visit St. George’s Tron Church in Glasgow, which was straight across from the Starbucks that I enclosed myself within. I was curious to look at the bookstore and see if there would be something that grabbed my attention. I ended up spending around 3 hours chatting with some of the most down-to-earth Christians from the local congregation. They were genuine people who never came across as bible-bashers, as some folk feel about Christians. These guys simply welcomed you in, and made you feel welcome. You can literally feel love being radiated by the folk who took an interest in your personal life. At the end of sharing our stories, I was sincerely re-inspired with an evangelical passion to share the love of Christ Jesus.


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