I have this obsession, where I must have good natural sunlight before taking a photo, where I can feel satisfied. So much so, that most of my outdoor photography is when there is a clear blue sky. You could say it is a sunny obsession that I have, but being in Scotland, seeing the sun glee its face is a rare sight. That’s because of the hail, wind and rain that we often receive instead. Mind you, the sunshine for me illuminates the world around me, and I wanted to capture the crinkly autumn leaves before they are blown away and before you know it – it’ll be winter already. But going back to Mr Sunshine… I was awe-struck by the spectrum of vibrant colours of the crisp autumn leaves, when before they were Hulk-like green. It’s indescribable to see God’s creation in fascinating detail, but then it’s not often we have the time to reflect on such things, as we tend to pre-occupy ourselves with our oh-so-busy lives. May this example, remind you of God’s detail of His creation of this world. And the next time you see some autumn leaves, don’t just acknowledge that winter is coming soon, embrace the changes of time and celebrate the small things in life through God’s creation.


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