I have been experimenting lately. I have taken the unusual step of advertising this very blog through Facebook, and revamped the code of the website to be more effective across the popular search engines. If you are a visitor from one of the Facebook ads, I wholeheartedly welcome you. Essentially, I’m trying to sow some seeds across the Internet field, and I’m hoping that this blog can encourage others in some shape or form. For some, it might be the excitement to see a new photo. For others, it might be a personal reflection through the words that I wish to share, when I feel led to share something thoughtful.

Through this personal blog, I wish to share my personal testimony – my relationship with the LORD, as a way of encouraging folk to acknowledge and celebrate the small in things in our busy lives. The one thing is common that everyone has – no matter what faith, background we have is that we love to cherish the small things in life – the everlasting moments, the memories and emotions that we can relate with one another. After all, we seem to pre-occupy ourselves with all sorts of schedules, whether it is through errands, our social activities, or families, work or study. Either way, there are times that we make excuses with ourselves, as we deny the existence that we actually have spare time, but the reality is – we actually have spare time, which we may or may not choose to use wisely.

I was encouraged through Scripture in my reading of John 10:1-10, where The Good Shepherd and His Sheep is illustrated here. The Good Shepherd is Jesus, and only when we listen and trust in Him – can we experience His grace and peace in our daily lives. I also believe we can listen to His voice, when we actually spend some time in prayer and in reading of His Word. If a typical devotional study can take an average of 10 minutes, I wonder how refreshing it would be if we made the effort to spend more time in the presence of God, through prayer and meditation of His Word.


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