The muscles around my face stretch with enthusiasm to create a big cheesy grin, when I hear the familiar words from my AOL Mail say “You’ve Got Mail” – and before you ask, I do like the movie You’ve Got Mail, the romantic chick-flick starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I love receiving mail. I even worked in the Royal Mail sorting mail during the Christmas rush of outpouring letters, cards and packages of all shapes and sizes.

I love letters and e-mails that have been written with love, thought and care. I love receiving them, and I love writing them – sometimes taking several days to compose and perfect. Don’t we all, but nowadays mailing to one another appears to be a lost form of art, or should I say that communication is watered down to Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets. I too have found myself pour precise words in less than two-three lines on a daily basis. It is also how we ignite a conversation with something that we meet in the streets, or to a colleague or family member, whether we are showing compassion, curious or expressing encouragement. Personally, I strive to encourage others and for those who welcome a longer reply, I will make the effort to communicate in words, be it spoken out loud or written down in pixelated text on a screen, as opposed to picking up my trusty pen and lined paper. There’s something special about language, when it transpires with raw emotion that only we can churn out in words, whether we mutter it in our speech, or etch in writing with our unique typography skills.

As a personal reflection, can you think back to a hand-written letter / postcard, or typed text or book that has impacted you in your life?


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