I find spider webs fascinating. I am always amazed when I see a beautifully spun web frothed with white frost. I also like to be a tease to Charlotte’s web and disrupt the still pattern, as I know she will fix it to perfection to make the web even stronger. Not only do I find inspiration from Charlotte as she unleashes her sticky web to nest a home with great precision, but I find her work a humble reminder about the virtue of patience.

Our life journey can be considered a big web, which transcends and spirals in all sorts of wonderful shapes and sizes. Each one of us is given the necessary tools and skills in life to make a mark, but who do you see for inspiration as you construct and weave your journey in life? As Christian believers, we have to rely on the LORD God for sound wisdom, knowledge and guidance, so that we can perfect our web in the image of God and with His leading through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We need to learn from a Master, Our Creator, Our Father in Heaven. Perhaps if we follow in the example of God’s Creation and focus on weaving patience in our lives then we too can weave a life of love, joy and peace.


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