It has been a while since I’ve expressed myself through the visual arts. I’ve recently been inspired by folk’s artwork from the Internet – from pencil sketches of wild animals to chunky pastels showcasing expressions from the heart and mind of an artist. Sometimes the artwork can be very powering to the extent that I want to grab an art medium, be it traditional or digital and to create away. However, I like to digest what I see and ponder at how I can express myself through various mediums.

So far, this year, I’ve been solely focused on using photography as a tool, as I find it visually engaging to capture the perfect moment of a framed subject. I also appreciate the ability to carefully adjust the colours and lighting to reflect what I see with my naked eyes. And yet, I miss the traditional tools of simply draw what I see. Being short sighted I have a unique perspective at never drawing what I see, but a vision of what I hope it turns out.

What I do hope to see when I draw or photograph a desired subject is to be more appreciative and thankful – that no matter what skill I consider to have, we are all equally gifted to express, create and relate in what we see, feel, hear, taste and breathe. Maybe, we can sense something greater beyond the obvious and see in faith of the unseen.


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