In response to Matt Redman’s post on Facebook requesting bloggers to share a voice online, I wish to share a reflection on the evangelical passion of the A21 Campaign – a campaign founded by Christine and Nick Caine, which strives to abolish injustice in the 21st Century.

British CCM artists Matt and Beth Redman unite together with Christian rap and dance group, LZ7 to release ‘Twenty Seven Million’ – a momentous worship song that aims to raise awareness for the anti-human trafficking movement.

“Let’s get many people as possible to raise a massive noise about this human trafficking that shouldn’t be happening across the world. This is your turn.” -Lindz West (LZ7)

Coincidentally, I hope to attend Queens Park Baptist Church this Saturday in association with Tearfund and 24-7 prayer to not only learn about the global injustices across the world, but to participate with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer – something, which I believe we can all get involved in.

Tearfund is teaming with a host of churches from Sunday 26th February – Sunday 4th March in “One Voice 2012 – Prayer Week.” Check it out!

The past Wednesday marked the start of Lent, but let us use this time in fellowship with Christians up and down the country, and across the globe – to unite our voices in prayer in the Churches response to the LORD God about the injustice of this broken world.

Dear Heavenly Father,

May you rebuke the evil and greed of gang leaders and pimps, who take advantage of young girls and women in human trafficking. Help these young women find places of refuge and recovery, where they can find real purpose in life. Counsel them with the anointing presence of the Holy Spirit during such times, and help them to see the light and love that is in you O’ LORD.

May you end poverty in countries of famine, where they thirst for fresh clean water and nutritious food – simply to stay alive each day. Forgive us LORD with our greed at times in self-indulging, where there are people who starve and die from the basics everyday.

May you rescue our faithful brothers and sisters in Christ from persecution because of their faith in you. They long to serve you in global and local mission, and we long to see them serve safely. We ask that you guide and protect them each day – and help them to lean on you in steadfast faith, hope and love. Bless them LORD.

May you equip local churches and like-minded charities to overcome local poverty in regions around where we live. We pray that these charities can still have the funding and support from volunteers and local authorities to shelter the homeless, to comfort and feed the poor, and to break away the violence in our streets. We pray for all these things in Jesus name we pray. Amen.


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