Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. -Romans 12:9 (NLT)

One of our cell group leaders chose to share with us this challenging passage of Scripture, as we journey and study together an intriguing new bible series, Christianity Explored. The noted passage of Scripture from Romans 12:9 is one of many verses from the Bible that will be shared with us over the forthcoming weeks, as a way of encouraging us to learn bible verses. Of course, it is not for the sake of being a smart cookie and proving to others of one’s long-term memory, but it’s mainly to encourage us all to apply God’s Word into practice – something that we as Christians seem to struggle daily. You would think we would learn by now how to love others, having seen the LORD’s example through His One and Only Son, Christ Jesus.

To me… I struggle to love people unconditionally and I’m sure it’s a human condition that many of us find challenging to overcome. However, I have noticed a growing sense of compassion towards people over recent years of my born-again Christian journey. My heart weeps for people, and for someone who guards my emotions quite well – I do feel for others in the pain and suffering that they go through.

Often is the case, we put ourselves in a sticky situation, where we often struggle to get ourselves out like quicksand and because of this, we can no longer trust ourselves. We must instead turn to the LORD God, and lean not on our own knowledge and understanding, otherwise we will fail to see what the LORD is saying to us, as He wants to help us in our brokenness.

We must turn to the LORD God in repentance, confess the sins of our hearts, and respond to indescribable love and compassion – and love others the way that God loves us. As I recently shared with a friend – LOVE CONQUERS ALL. I never finished the statement, as it commands a sense of ambiguity. Love conquers all sin… Love conquers all things… Love conquers all anger… Love conquers all pain… Love conquers all suffering… etc.

Christ Jesus surrendered on the cross for our sins. It is only fair to surrender to God’s love that He has for each and every one of us – and may we be encouraged to really love others, hate what is wrong, and hold tightly to what is good.


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