I said to God on Sunday night in a pleading prayer to redeem me from a pit, as a result of an act of stupidity, in return that I would say to God, “Here, I am LORD.”

The LORD God answered that prayer on Easter Monday, as I soaked myself in God’s presence for 7 solid hours in constant devotion and worship, whilst expecting God’s deliverance. I felt peace throughout this unique time of worship, and I realised that I’ve read so much Scripture in a day that I was happy to continue. Not only was I tuning into K-Love radio on my iTunes at a dimmed volume, but I was speaking aloud the teachings of Scripture from Matthew 9-21 and then prayerfully reading through Psalms 24-37. In between I rested from reading the Scriptures, I prayed out my heart for God’s grace, mercy, favour and forgiveness.

I watched the miracle unfold before my very eyes and by this time, I was in tears and muttering God’s name. Not only did it reiterate what I had read and prayed out during the past 7 hours, but I also experienced God’s grace in the deepest way imaginable. I do however, firmly believe God allowed me to slip in the foundations of my faith for a specific purpose. Not only was I procrastinating my time to serve in some form of capacity in the Kingdom of God, but I hadn’t given my past issues to the LORD. I had carried and dragged my weaknesses with me for a good number of years, even when I was studying in seminary school. What I had to do was simply hand over my burdens, emotions and past to the LORD. It is such a simple concept, and yet everyone seems to fail in applying it in their personal lives. I was not alone in the process of handing things over to God in prayer.

I even sensed God’s voice during His answer to my prayer, and it related to the abundance of blessing that He wants to give to me, more than what I have asked in prayer. I am sure the LORD knows that I fear Him. I fear God’s judgement more than anything else, but the more I learn from the readings of Jesus’ ministry, if we choose to respond to God’s calling, here on earth, God will bless us abundantly, not just on earth, but in Heaven too. Sure, they may be persecution and rejection from the world, but we are God’s children. Eternal death has already been defeated. The LORD God has won the battle, and if we use our time wisely to follow Him, we can be rest assured that we will be in a place of peace, and not in a place of torment.

I now need to consider whether to leave behind my part-time work this September to pursue this preaching course full-time. At least, the work that I’m able to do can be done through freelancing, so that’s also comforting to know.


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