I’m rarely smitten by ‘sweet-talk’ and I got caught out as I left the o2 shop in Buchanan Street with a free micro-sim card for a new iPad that I recently invested. A young lassie in a red jacket caught my attention, and I quickly shuffled my walking 45 degrees to my right, only to be stopped by what I call a ‘jumper.’ To me, a jumper is a person who walks around Buchanan Street in Glasgow trying to grab your attention to pledge a donation, often to a humanitarian or charitable cause. A sweet young lassie found me all young and babyfaced, which immediately caught me off guard, and as she introduced herself and her role, I recalled my respect for the British Red Cross. I have supported these guys before, and I personally admire the fantastic works of the organisation, and I love the passion of the volunteers.

Recently, I was interested to sign-up for a first-aid training course, and be properly certified through the British Red Cross, but due to various circumstances, I missed out on the opportunity in early March. At least, they’ll be an opportunity next time round. Deep down, I would love to use those first-aid skills to be able to respond to an accident, and although I know enough of the basic first-aid skills to get by, I want to be certified by the best. Personally, I would love to use these skills in a mission-based context to serve in a wider community, but it demands a team to commit to that.

Anyhow, going back to the ‘babyface’ appearance, and of course, it has made me think – but by unintentionally displaying ‘cute’ features, do I perceive myself as warm, kind and honest. I know there are folk who try to take advantage of me, because of my kind nature, but thankfully I have the discernment to avoid getting caught out. I have however, been told by many people that I am honest, to which I do strive to live out, as an act of integrity in what some may refer to as Godly living. I have also been told that I display a ‘presence,’ whatever that may be. I am playing with words here, but generally speaking, there are folk who appear nice – and there are folk who appear cold-natured. Perhaps I should consider it a blessing that people see good in me, and I just hope and pray that I can live out to be a person, to which I long to please the LORD God in all my days I live on earth.


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