It has been a while since I’ve penned an entry on my journal. One day you feel good, and the next day you feel stunned, because your health affects your way of life. Despite my poor health, I still convince myself that we live in temporary earthly bodies, and we should at least enjoy the fruits of life that we have the opportunity to fulfil and embrace – come rain or shine. Today may be a downpour, but at least we have the hope of a new day tomorrow.

During these past couple of weeks, I’ve been challenged by the path to Christian ministry in the context of a church pastor. I won’t trouble you with the honest thoughts and issues that I have, but I think my physical body speaks out in that I don’t think I will pursue full-time Christian ministry if my health is not good. Curiously, my body has been weak since 2009, so I really am stubborn in my faith to seek God for a confirmation. But I seek the LORD with a genuine heart, knowing that He can use anyone. I also know from experience that he has used me in many situations to minister to folk in pastoral care, something I actually enjoy doing.

At the same time, I was encouraged yesterday after a trip to the local Healing Rooms ministry that the LORD God equally needs fresh-faced Christians with God-given artistry in areas of a local church, but also in the secular workplace. After all, we are to be beacons of light in dark places of this world, and the secular workplace is overflowing with such opportunity. I am living among a vibrant generation that is hungry for media and technology, which coincidentally is what my original area of interest, after graduating from Dundee with a degree in Computer Games Technology.

I’m also aware that churches desperately need Christians who are laden with new ideas and talent to attract the new generation, and I believe local churches (in the UK, at least) don’t do enough to entice or encourage young people of today to get involved. Having said that, I was recently approached to compose PowerPoint slides for the order of worship and pastor’s sermon. As much as I cringe at the cheesy images that people source to create such slides, I’m not sure if it’s an area that I should commit to.

I even approached the church to revamp the website last year, only to be backfired by the webmaster who does not believe in change. Ouch! Such an ironic response, and no wonder young people turn their backs in stepping foot inside of a church. I now understand why God hates ‘pride’ in man, because it is the focus of self – and it’s that very same self-focus that hinders our walk with the LORD. Hence the need to send Jesus to save us from eternal death.


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  • Hi I am new to your blog.   I find it very interesting, your call to ministry, how you have gone to college for four years in theology, but you haven’t stepped out to minister yet?  Why the sudden halt?  While I am commenting, I might as well share something that really shed light on many areas of my life.  Have you heard of Passion for Truth Ministries?  Here is a link to the trailer, “Identity Crisis”:  And here is a link to the actual teaching:  God bless you and hope you escape your spiritual slump!

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