After unintentionally watching Globe Trekker at home and reminiscing the travels of the popular presenters, I found myself in a similar position of travelling light, as I had the pleasure to catch up with a dear friend who has a scenic view of the Isle of Bute. I packed my satchel with the new iPad, along with a change of clothes and emergency snacks. Not only did I spare my back from lugging around a laptop and my SLR camera, but I had enough to take with me.

I hope to travel light once again, when I plan to travel up north of Scotland to see the sights and sounds of the Scottish Highlands. I also want to test my new camera tripod in capturing the Scottish landscape riddled with fields of green gaze dotted with fluffy white sheep.

Life itself is a journey, and it can be broken into milestones. The fascinating thing about our life journeys is that we don’t know how it started, nor do we know when it will end. We do however, have the opportunity to embrace what lies ahead and capture our memories and meet some people along the way. Come rain or shine – life is worth living!

As much as I want to travel the world, I have no money, unless I somehow convince a bunch of strangers on Kickstarter to fund such a project in return for photo books, framed photos and daily video blogs. Okay, maybe crowdsourcing a round trip is a little far-fetched, but nonetheless I am happy to explore more of Scotland, and see what else this country has to offer in terms of the sights, sounds and taste.

Whatever you decide to pursue in your life journey – make the best of the time that you have. Life itself is far too precious to waste, and life on earth only comes round once! For me, I’m taking it easy in the hope to achieve a few more milestones before I settle down.

I have just one advice from one life adventurer to another. Don’t forget to take a break every now and again from your life journey to admire the wonders of life itself. It may even sweep your feet and captivate your imagination and lead you to a better understanding of the Creator of the universe.


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