I recently attended the Servants of the Word 2012 conference at St George’s Tron Church, Glasgow. It was a wonderful experience to be gathered in Christian fellowship among brothers and sisters in Christ, who are either active in Christian ministry, or are currently exploring a call to serve in Christian ministry – in the context of a local church.

After being challenged by what was shared by numerous guest speakers from the likes of Dick Lucas, Alistair Begg and Tim Keller, I now realise the sense of urgency and biblical care to equip men and women of God in the biblical truths of the Holy Scriptures, so they can step in faith into the communities and cities of serving others through Christ and preach the Word of God. The lands of this world is sadly lacking in nutrients, as there is much infertile soil for the seeds to bear good fruit. Europe especially is a continent of spiritual drought with the rise of consumerism and secularisation, and the political agendas of the Euro crisis are not helping anyone. The people who are suffering are those who choose to work in order to survive and feed the family.

It was a profound experience to be part of Dick Lucas’ bible expository group. Not only was he part of John Stott’s generation of conservative evangelicals, but I had the special blessing of being dubbed ‘little mouse’ due to my quiet nature. Funnily, I also have a unique voice, which evidently sounds like a mouse – only to my wild imagination! My voice is considered vocally soft and easy listening (just like my musical taste), and it can be categorised with the likes of Nicky Gumbel or J.John.

I have healthy lungs, and yet, I don’t rabbit like a chatterbox.

Nonetheless, it made me think why did the LORD give me a soft voice. I know I like to imitate people’s voices, copy accents and do impressions of people’s amusing characteristics, but I don’t think that justifies God’s perfect plan for me. Besides, I reside in the wrong country to pursue a career in entertainment and voice acting.

Only last week, I attended the Glasgow Prophetic Centre, which is ultimately a Christ-centred Christian charity, where spirit-filled born-again Christians from local churches make use of various spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit (i.e. healing, word, wisdom, knowledge, prophecy, etc). With a goal to please the LORD in serving others, they share a word of knowledge and/or Godly wisdom, which they believe is from the Holy Spirit.

Of course, it’s wise to test such things.

During my experience, I couldn’t stop grinning, as everything was ringing true. It’s not that I wanted to believe everything that was said, but for the past 12 months, I know where the LORD is guiding my heart. For me, it was merely Godly confirmation to pursue this particular preaching class with Cornhill – to be proficient in understanding and exercising the Bible and applying God’s Living Word in a ministerial or evangelical environment.

To bring some closure to a short briefing, to recent events that has happened during my walk with the LORD – is that I am humbled by the thought that the LORD God wants to use my little voice to disciple and preach the Bible, and share Godly wisdom to others. Seven years ago, serving the LORD in a ministerial or evangelical environment was never my interest or ambition in life. It was always about self and making the best of my time, with the hopes and dreams that I wanted to pursue, until I surrendered my life to the LORD and asked Him to shape my heart to using my time and money more wisely.

Who would have thought that the LORD God can use ANYONE to build for His Kingdom in ministering to others through Christ. All it takes is faith to believe in Him, and for us to sprout and bear good fruit, we must root ourselves in God’s Living Word and trust in His perfect plan for us.


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