Indescribable Love

What spurs you to write a digital journal? I know a large proportion of folk who undertake a blog are either self-advertising, or promoting a cause to generate revenue. Often, blogs are littered with adverts and self-promotion for non-existent physical books, also known as e-books. Some people long to share from the heart, whether it’s sharing recipes of colourful cuisines or penning a life story of everyday life. I consider myself as a reflective individual, who seeks to celebrate the small things in life, hence forth Indescribable Love was born.

I also believe there is a difference to writing a closed journal in the form of pen and paper, compared with an open blog, where your words have the power to hurt or encourage in the capacity of the World Wide Web, which is the best connected medium.

I strive to channel my life story using words of hope, love and faith – to build up people, and to reflect from a Christian perspective. By no means are my words perfect, but I often only write when I feel inspired to write a personal reflection. Whether it is being read is another question, but fortunately with the limitless space on the Internet – I have the creative freedom to express and write to my hearts content. I just wish more people could commit time to a regular open journal, as I do enjoy reading of people’s experiences and life story.

Penning a life story in pixels is only one way of sharing our lives to a digital audience, but for the majority of born-again Christian – living out our lives in everyday life is a dynamic and fruitful way of sharing our witness and reaffirming our faith in the LORD Jesus Christ. The problem is – not many Christians like to endorse their faith in public domain, as if they are ashamed or embarrassed to identify themselves with Christ.

Even Christ Jesus lived a daring example, where He never felt shame to dine and talk with sinners alike (Mark 2:13-17).

As I come a conclusion in this short reflection. Whether you choose to share your life story on pen, or in person – there is no need to be embarrassed when following Christ.

Christ Jesus died for our sins, and because of this renowned fact – we are free to live and express our joy in the gift of salvation and God’s mercy and forgiveness, and the redemption of eternal death, knowing that Christ died for us, so that we may live (John 3:16).

The Gospels are not only to be embraced, but it is to be shared with others. That is why, it is called The Good News!


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