I find myself deeply engrossed by the human belonging of being surrounded by people, and the fact that the LORD God ordained marriage – a marriage that brings honour and glory to Him (Genesis 2:18-25). I also have a healthy and growing desire to be a husband to a faithful woman of God, and be a nurturing father figure to my children. I reflect, as if I’m in a near position to experience the wealth of human intimacy in the context of spurring a family of my own.

The reality is that I personally don’t see myself literally engage in such manner any time soon, purely because I am still striving to obey and pursue God’s purposeful plans that He has for me – at the time of writing. However, I long to love someone, as much as I long to feel loved by a woman of God – one who will be my future wife and a dear friend.

It would bring great delight to share the same passions in seeking to serve the Kingdom of God.

Of course, that is the long-term ambition. At the moment, I am fixed on the present, and I know for sure that there’s a growing call to Christian ministry for which I am excited to exercise and serve. As with every other observation in life, I also know my own strengths and weaknesses – and I expect the LORD to provide and bless me with a faithful Christian wife, as I know I cannot do Christian ministry alone. Curiously, the more I learn more of the Scriptures, the more I want to experience God’s ordination of a biblical marriage, and to raise children and be experienced with family life to part knowledge and wisdom in the deliverance of sermons, or in the contribution of ministries in life of a local church.

By the time this reflection is published, I will have completed my first week at Cornhill Scotland in the pursuit to be proficient in understanding and exercising the Bible, and applying God’s Living Word in a ministerial, or evangelical environment. Ultimately, I want to be a faithful servant of God’s Word and minister for His Kingdom and His glory.

I also believe the opportunity to do just that is coming sooner than I had thought. God’s timing is just. Understandably, we just can’t begin to fathom why situations unfold the way it does, often against the grains of logic.

All I can say is that the journey of life is profoundly interesting, when there is a focus on life – otherwise it’s only a fool’s hope.


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