A diamond found in the rough is a stone worth prying, but it demands our utmost patience to axe it out from the grounds. Furthermore, we then need to refine and carve out the imperfections in order for us to see the elegance and beauty of the precious jewel that lies within.

Our lives are hidden diamonds in the roughness and brokenness of everyday life. We overlook the beauty and value within us, and instead, we seek other sources of value. For those who endure the journey and endeavour to unleash the precious diamond within us, we can expect a transformation in our personal lives, and a renewing sense of identity in Christ.

We were created in the image of God.

Only when we have the eyes to see of His indescribable love and awesome majesty, will we see His glory revealed.

Only when we have the ears to listen to His still and gentle voice, will we find love, joy and peace in His presence.

Only when we have the heart to change our old self, will we repent of our sins and selfish attitudes.

Only then, will we truly acknowledge the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and understand our true purpose on earth.

We respond by searching the depths of our hearts, and we cast our burdens, worries and sins to the LORD in faith and prayer. Humility in ourselves is needed. We are the very diamonds stuck in rough stone, and it is through Christ Jesus who saves us from death and moulds us into His likeness.

The LORD God longs for us to know Him as Our Heavenly Father – that we may acknowledge His created beauty, and to live out His created purpose here on earth. It may be a Pilgrim’s Progress for all, but it is a journey worth living.


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