Oh boy! Where does one start to even reflect back to the past 12 months? I wish to reflect and share on select highlights, as I write my last post before I sign out for 2012.

Connecting in Fellowship

One of the majoring highlights for me has got to be returning to a cell group at my local church. I previously joined a cell group, whilst I was studying at seminary school, but I soon dropped out so I could focus on my studies. One of the reasons was actually the material that we used. I was looking for more spiritual meat in a bible study format, and not diluted semi-skimmed milk.

I had joined a fairly new Christian group, who had graduated from the Alpha course last Christmas, and they had all signed up to do a new short course together on Christianity Explored. Since I had never done the course before, I was curious to what new things I could learn and perhaps contribute in a group environment. It’s been a rather humbling experience, and such an incredible blessing and privilege to share prayers and encouragement to one another – in God’s presence through the reading and study of His Living Word.

It’s good to be connected in Christian fellowship.

It’s been fascinating to be part of a new Christian cell group, and in ways to see my own Dad be encouraged in his walk with the LORD – who also graduated from the Alpha course and grow in friendship with others in a cell group.

Growing in Faith

Another key highlight for me has been finding peace in the LORD regarding my future and my previous concerns surrounding Christian ministry. I am touched by how subtle the LORD God can reach out to grab our attention to speak with us. Even if it means we have to go through some heartache – purely for us to silence our hearts and minds and simply to ‘be still’ in His presence. From a direct and personal experience with the LORD, I am humbled by His revelation that He still wants to raise me up for His purpose – something that I will never fully acknowledge or understand.

With an indescribable sense of peace about my previous concerns surrounding Christian ministry, I took the step in faith to apply to Cornhill Scotland during the summer. I wanted to contemplate my future due to my recuperation in my health, but I’ve been a Jonah for far too long. I simply had to face my destiny so to speak, and overcome the shadows of my fears in life.

As for my future spouse. What can I say?

As Captain Jack Sparrow once said, “I’m in the market.”

Something tells me, I’ve already met her… and like me, she will be a progressive companion to serve in Christian ministry, and not someone who only seeks a path in Christian ministry only. Perhaps it is the best for the both of us. I honestly don’t know, I’m improvising here.

I long for a spirit-filled Christian woman of God, a woman of sound faith – a prayer warrior, who carries life experience and formal education, and can bring quality to a relationship and is passionate about God’s Church. I would hate to marry someone, whose sole duty in life is to be a mother – only to pad around the house doing housework and update her life and family on Facebook all day. Good grief. I mean how much dust does one human being need to swipe and clean.

Clashing Passions

Lastly, I would like to reflect on a recent musing. As much as one may have a calling to pastoral ministry, I feel a clash of passion in life. I miss capturing photographs and sketching artwork. I miss travelling to see the world outside the British Isles. Blimey! It’s only these past few months that I fancy visiting Israel. I even have itchy feet to visit the States and see the sights and sounds of New York, Washington DC, Michigan and San Francisco. I miss the freedom in getting lost in life through the hobbies that I once had flair on all things creativity.

Nowadays, I seem to grow more uptight and upper-lip about living a Godly life.

I also need to remind myself to let my hair down and do something adventurous. I’ve always wanted to do snowboarding and the adrenaline junkie inside of me – sky diving.

I wish to reconnect with my past hobbies and somehow integrate them in either pastoral ministry or in Christian ministry in general. There is something special about capturing a perfect moment and having it framed. Not only does it give your eyes an excuse to look at something fresh, but it should also be a reminder of God at work  – in the creation of the world and in the creation of mankind in the image of God.

Passion 2013

Hopefully, I can muster the passion to seek out freelance opportunities, as I desire to get more involved with my local church. But also to pursue the clashing passions of adventure and devotion, whilst cherishing lasting memories and embracing cultures of the travel bug – be it local or abroad.


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