Another year has come and gone, and already I am gearing up for an improved mindset in reaching my full potential for 2013. The problem with being over ambitious in life is never seeing through these ambitions come to surface, because you are always thinking too ahead of the next big thing in life.

This year will be different, and I’m going to carefully meditate on those words in practice very carefully. At present, I have two primary achievable goals for 2013 which include freelancing and ministry.

I seek the flexibility to pursue freelance work to free up more time, so I can become more available and involved with the various ministries at my local church. I desire to be equipped with the formalities of ministerial experience, and I slowly want to disconnect myself from the life of an IT office in the secular workplace.

Ironically, I also miss being creative inside a cubicle canvas, and unleashing creative flair in areas where I can freely express my artistic ability in all things art and design. When one works for a local government organisation there is little creativity to express oneself, mainly because of the rigid nature of the work.

I also hope that through freelancing, I can secure an improved income, so I can invest in other materials in life, such as an improved dSLR camera to expand my enjoyment of video and photography, and I also desire to own a car. The latter being a necessity for travelling and even securing work. I still want to travel up north of Scotland on a frequent basis and capture more of the Scottish scenery and better understand the landscape and people across Scotland. Part of this is because I have a growing heart to serve and minister in Scotland – and as a result, I want to be more knowledgeable in the missionary field of Scotland as a whole.

Which brings me to share about ministry. I need to improve my health, not just spiritually in God’s Word, but physically too. On the surface, I appear healthy and to some people’s eyes ‘skinny’ – though deep down, I often feel fatigue in strength. I am easily tired these days. It is a growing concern, as I am fully aware that life in Christian ministry is exhausting. And yet, it dawned on me that I am keen to further explore a ministerial training scheme, so I can immerse myself in pastoral ministry in a gruelling curriculum.

At the time of writing my reflection this morning, I have been looking at options in England, as I need to get out of my comfort zone and literally throw myself in the deep end. At the same time, various churches in England appear to be very supportive in hosting student ministry schemes. Well, if that is the case, it would be the first time in ages that I will be travelling overseas to another country.

Curiously, after my day’s study at Cornhill Scotland today, I have found immeasurable peace regarding the high quality teaching. Without consulting commentaries, we are glued to the Holy Scriptures alone, and I was literally overwhelmed at the theological gems that was revealed in our study of the Holy Trinity through Creation across both the old and new testament books. Not only did I find excitement in studying God’s Living Word in the context of seeing the Scriptures at face value. But, it’s now going to be challenging to compromise my studies up here – with our team of knowledgeable (and active senior pastors) to consider a move down south – in exchange for a student ministerial placement, whilst transferring my Cornhill studies in London. We shall see.

All in all, these are my two primary achievable goals for 2013. At the moment, I need to take one day at a time, and seize the moment when it comes.

Do you have a godly game plan for 2013?


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