I believe we need a jolt in life. Maybe not the kind that zaps us with harm, but a jolt of spiritual renewal in our everyday prayers and walk with the LORD.

It can be argued that our lives are mundane, but without the reliance and dependence on the LORD God to lead us and guide us to walk on correct paths, we run the risk of havering in the wrong direction. As a result, we can dangerously and unintentionally find ourselves slide from God in spiritual distraction within the physical space we trap ourselves in.

I also believe it is crucial that we be proactive as Christians, and encourage one another to constantly focus our hearts and minds on Christ. We are to live in the hope of tomorrow, no matter what challenging obstacles and expressions of celebration that we may face in our present days. There needs to be living hope, like in the resurrection of Christ.

Without the resurrection of Christ the Risen LORD, Christianity is meaningless.

Prayer, Christian fellowship, worship, praise and the reading and study of the Holy Scriptures are just some of the primary sources, where we can reconnect with the LORD and dwell in a living and real dialogue with Jesus Christ, as our LORD and Saviour. The principles are similar to when we engage in conversation with others, or attempt to make new friends. We need to express ourselves in human communication with others, so we can learn from one another.

Much of the same applies in the human communication to Our Heavenly Father, whom the LORD God has created us in His image. However, Jesus commanded in the New Testament Scriptures that we are to “love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind,” (Matthew 22:37, ESV). It’s a rather Trinitarian commandment to love a very Triune God – commonly known as the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The differing application here is loving the LORD with our ‘soul’ – which in a nutshell can be encapsulated as our inner being, the very essence of our created life (Genesis 2:7).

It is through this triune communication to Our Heavenly Father that we receive spiritual peace through the anointing and glorious power of the Holy Spirit, and thus a measured of jolt in life is ignited within us. I say ‘measured’ because we engage with the LORD in a personal and dwelling relationship, and it takes time and effort to maintain and nurture.

It is a process that will enrich our heart, soul and mind in understanding our purpose and existence on earth.

As we learn about God the Creator, we respond to God’s unconditional and steadfast love through Christ the Redeemer, only to receive and dwell in the anointing gift and manifesting power of the Holy Spirit.

Our daily intention may be to preoccupy ourselves with earthly distractions because of our busy schedules, but the LORD longs for us to rest and root ourselves in Him.

We need to learn and grasp the wonders that Jesus is LORD.

The resurrection of Christ isn’t just a result of our sins, but through Christ, we can begin to unravel the complex layers of life to understand our true purpose on earth, and the plans that the LORD God has planned for us – for His glory, and for His Kingdom Come.


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