Change – nobody really likes it. Those who brave it with early eagerness, may be superficial in their adventurous ambition, but long-term change takes some time to adjust.

At the time of writing, I am pondering a defining move down south of the British Isles to pursue an opportunity, where I hope to balance and continue my studies in London, but become actively engaged at a local church in pastoral ministry. I want to become disciplined in knowing the Scriptures as part of my staple diet, but most importantly, I also want to live out the spoken Word in my daily walk with the LORD.

I am at a stage in life, where I have let go of my selfish hopes, dreams and ambitions. I have even pursued and graduated in formal theological and pastoral studies through a local Baptist seminary, and I now want to quit procrastinating myself with the insecurities of life and pursue this call to Christian ministry. I also have nothing to lose, and I no longer carry any burdens or baggages. I’m essentially a free agent.

I admit, I never dreamed of pursuing God in Christian ministry, nor do I believe serving in pastoral ministry makes you any ‘holy’ or ‘special’ as the next guy. They say that, “Plenty are called. Few are chosen.” It’s simply how one wants to display their love to the LORD, whether that be stepping out of the boat and representing Him on a public platform in preaching and pastoring, or in the ministries and comfort of our own homes and local neighbourhood.

Whether we consider ourselves ‘good’ compared with other people, we’re all sinners, and the value of sin covers the whole earth, which was shed and paid by the blood of Jesus Christ in His Saving Grace.

Who knows, I may even see the fruits of my own future, and I may even see how the LORD provides me with a friend, a companion, a wife – God willing, and of course, all in God’s immaculate timing and perfect plan.

Let’s take one day at a time, and see how today unfolds…


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