Routines are hard to avoid, especially when a routine shapes our daily lives. At times, a routine is challenging to get started and maintain, like a regular routine for exercise or a pattern of good sleeping.

We wake up, and then hit the showers to freshen ourselves up feeling refreshed ready for the day ahead. Depending on our moods and available time, we can choose to eat breakfast or avoid it altogether, and then start our day…

Without describing too much of a typical day, I think you get the idea. The problem with routines is that they can distort our desire for a creative renewal and a longing for positive change in our daily lives, if we don’t have healthy routines.

A typical routine is admittedly mundane, especially for those who work long hours to support a family from infancy to adulthood. But don’t be afraid or discouraged to break any bad habits to inject healthier habits. You’ll be surprised that a healthy routine can have a more positive effect to your overall body, mind and soul. Whether that be to include time to actually eat breakfast before you dash to school or work, or to exercise more reflective time to switch off and rest the mind are all healthy ways for positive change.

For some, it may simply be to set aside the time to read the Word, and simply rest the noggin from mindless thought to simply dwell in the presence of God. A good routine takes effort, and in all fairness everyone is given the same 24 hours of time in a day – it’s simply how you choose to use that time wisely. Do you live only for yourself, or for the glory of the LORD?


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