I was sad to learn late last night that the Boston Marathon was struck by two deadly bombs that had detonated towards the end of the run, which caused a stream of chaos at the finishing line of the great marathon race. Tragically, it was the spectators who were affected by the blasts, and so far, three people have been reported to have lost their lives, with several dozen people injured by the blasts.

As I was watching the coverage on the BBC website and browsing Twitter for the latest developments, I was completely awe struck by the people of Boston. Firstly for the local spectators coming out to support and cheer on the runners, as friends and family members pound the streets of Boston to achieve their personal best – and of course, supporting local charities for a worthy cause.

I was amazed to learn of the efficiency and heroes of the first respondents including the local ambulances of neighbouring hospitals and health centres, the Boston Police Department, the Boston Fire Department, the American Red Cross, and most crucially the Boston Marathon volunteers who all did a fantastic job to comfort and assist those in need.

I was amazed at the courage and desire of the runners to help in whatever way possible, despite the physical exhaustion and emotional shock. I came across a report on the NBC channel on Twitter.

@NBCSN: Reports of Marathon Runners that crossed finish line and continued to run to Mass General Hospital to give blood to victims #PrayforBoston

To me that encapsulates why great marathon races exist. It’s not really about wanting to achieve the best race statistics, or to be on the telly and wave at your mother, it’s the hearts desire to serve others in whatever capacity, whether that be through sponsorship to financially support local charities, or quite simply – to save a life and help neighbouring strangers.

The heroes of the story are quite simply the people of Boston, and I pray that the LORD God will outpour His great love to the people of Boston, and bring His comfort and peace during this tragic time, especially those who have lost their loved ones and in particular those who are needing His healing power and medical attention in the hospital wards.

Despite the reported loss of lives and the countless dozens who have been injured from the blasts, I do believe that the LORD God was behind the scenes to shelter people for the duration of the race, as the total loss of lives could easily be far greater, and thankfully it wasn’t.



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  • Hello! I saw that you stopped by my blog after finding it via “Single Roots”. Thank you for the word of encouragement. I just found the comment. I have been avoiding blogging and the blogosphere in hopes of attending to my studies better. I wanted to say thanks for a. stopping by. b. the comment.

    • Hi Rebekah,

      You are most welcome! We all need to be encouraged at different stages in our lives, particularly during those crucial years of study too! Hope all is well with your studies and you are not getting too bogged down with the reading and assignments. Not long to go before the summer for a well deserved break and time of rest! :o)

      In Christ,

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