Faith is something you cannot directly see, but to a faith-driven extent (to which you need faith to believe this statement), you can actually see God deliver His answer to prayer and unravel a particular event before your very eyes.

Seeing my Dad grow in His walk and faith in the LORD has been a personal desire of mine. Maybe it’s because as his only son, I long to see him rooted firmly in God’s foundation that is Christ the Risen LORD – or maybe it’s simply because I love him as my Dad. Perhaps it’s both!

We as a family have been going through a challenging time in life, where my Dad is expected to go into surgery once again – this time, for a double bypass, which ironically isn’t your typical heart bypass, but a minimally invasive procedure. Not only is it a God-send procedure that is an answer to prayer in the most unexpected way imaginable, but it will enhance the recovery process – and literally bypass future complications.

For me, I’m smitten with excitement to see my Dad find complete peace in the LORD, and to learn of my Dad embracing God’s love in his everyday journey and walk with the LORD with his brothers and sisters in Christ at his local church, and even hear of his changing worship to the LORD. The spiritual heart is soaking more of God’s anointing Spirit, and the physical heart is outpouring his love and praise for the LORD.

Faith is certainly testing, but we must live out the Scriptures and learn to apply the following:

Trust and obey, for there’s no other way.
To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.


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