I have learned to be mindful in my growing relationship with the LORD, especially when I approach Him in prayer and seek Him out in my everyday life. It has taken me many years to be at a level in my faith to learn to let go of my own selfish desires and leave behind the worries of the world, and simply place my faith and trust on Him. I had previous practice earlier this year, when my Dad was going through a double bypass surgery (the same day of his 30th wedding anniversary to my Mum). Of course, for me – the hardest part of the prayer at the time was to ask God, “May Your will be done.”

Two months later, and I find myself in familiar territory as I ride the waves of my faith – this time, with my own future. I received word from work that they will not be accommodating my academic need to change my days, so I can continue with my part-time studies with Cornhill Scotland. In all honestly, I wasn’t upset, shocked or bitter. I was not even angry. Instead, I had a cheeky wee grin that I found hard to rub off during my brief meeting with HR.

Why? I knew the answer all along that I would be ousted out. It was all down to timing, and I know God’s timing is different to my timing.

One of the reasons for being ousted is that I choose to live out my Christian faith within the workplace. I strive to please the LORD, as opposed pleasing people and being the Yes Man. I’m not afraid of the vulnerable giants in upper management who dress to impress in fading power suits. Because I knew and sensed that I would be forced to resign from work, I know this is not my own knowledge, but of God’s wisdom.

Ultimately, it leaves me at an interesting crossroads, which was curiously shared with me through a Word of Knowledge. Fortunately, time is on my side, as I have until mid-September to find another source of income.

There are two realistic options. I can finally pursue my growing passion to serve the church and throw myself in the deep end and meet up with Pastor Jim and Pastor Mark from East Mains and kindly ask them to do some kind of formal placement in pastoral ministry. I understand, that I would be not be receiving any income, but I also know that the LORD will provide the finances for my tuition fees somehow and somewhere.

The other viable option would be to find some kind of part-time job that will allow me to continue my part-time studies, which I know the opportunities are pretty slim. The job market is rather poor in the UK, and though I could easily teach abroad, I don’t have a great desire to teach overseas. However, I may need to formally go down the road as a freelancer and jump on the self-employed bandwagon.

Whatever the decision – Scotland still cries out, and though I don’t look Scottish (yet, I have a Scottish surname), I feel attracted to serving the LORD in His church and building for the Kingdom of God in Scotland. The United Kingdom as a whole needs plenty of missionaries and openness between churches to work together for the cause of the Gospels. It screams out for a revival, but I don’t believe there is enough momentum, where all churches are effectively working together, but there is movement and pockets of revival across the land. I feel God’s Word is lost in translation amongst the media and liberal teachings, and hopefully learning how to do expository bible preaching, can equip me with the boldness that I need to unleash God’s Word for God’s Kingdom Come.


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