I’ve only had five paid jobs in my lifetime, and I hope to secure a new replacement job in the coming weeks ahead, before I return to class for my final year of studies at Cornhill. One half of my noggin says that I feel at peace, as I know the LORD will provide at His perfect timing. The other half of me silently screams out squeeky-bum time, as I play the waiting game (and learn how God will reveal His perfect plan for me), whilst exploring and applying for opportunities of part-time work.

I may be technically unemployed at present, but I also want to focus in gaining pastoral experience at my local church during the week days, and team up with our pastorate team Jim and Mark – of course, once I can secure some form of part-time work. Ultimately, if I don’t gain the formal experience now, I may never have the opportunity to jumpstart into the formal realms of pastoral ministry. At the same time, I want to be moving forward in life, and not side-stepping in American Line Dancing or shuffling backwards like a Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk. As much as I like to watch such dancing and admire the feet work and co-ordination, there is no thrill of excitement for me if I am not moving forward in life.

I have an interview this week at an undisclosed place of work, which would be fantastic to secure. At the same time, it would ultimately test my energy in terms of commuting throughout the week. The only snag is that it will also clash with some of my current commitments at my local church, which so far consists of a weekly cell group, church attendance and serving behind the tech desk helping to lead worship behind a computer. I know that church attendance won’t be greatly affected, but I still want to be serving the church from the tech desk. Unfortunately, I may need to leave behind the cell group that I’ve grown to love.

There’s been much discernment and Godly wisdom that I am expected to make an important decision, and I think it’s purely based on what job to apply for and accept when given the opportunity that respects my church involvement, yet will pay enough money to cover my tuition fees, transportation and books. I know one thing is for sure, this term will see me being pushed out of my comfort zone, as I strive to pursue the LORD in the devotionals of my prayers and bible study, but also how the LORD wants to shape me, as He prepares me for the greater plan that He has for me.


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