When I was younger, I never dreamed of becoming a pastor of a local church, nor do I force myself to become one, but rather it seems to be a path that is leading to such outcome. I also know only too well that one doesn’t need to pursue a path in Christian ministry to please the LORD. The LORD merely calls each one of us for His glory. Our paths can alter, depending on how we choose to respond to God’s will and calling.

When I was a young scallywag, I wanted to be a pilot, but seemingly you had to be fairly tall to see out the window. I was a shorty at the time. These days, I average in height – just short of 6 feet tall. According to my parents, I’m a height of nonsense.

I then recalled wanting to be a lawyer, but seemingly you had to talk with charisma and confidence to win a case. Also, as a result of human sin – social justice simply doesn’t exist. However, it wasn’t until I watched various films that you had to be a pretty good liar to succeed in a financially lucrative career. Remember ‘Liar Liar’ starring Jim Carrey.

I also considered being a surgeon. If I remember correctly, it was a brain surgeon, because you needed the best steady pair of hands to do the job. Due to my addiction to playing first-person shooter gaming in my teenage years, I developed a skill in hand-to-eye co-ordination, which you would be surprised to learn, but the idea of using a keyboard and mouse whilst gaming with your eyes glued to the screen is the same skillset to control technologically advanced tools to perform surgery in today’s surgical world of health and medicine. Mind you, at the time, I couldn’t cope with blood… There! I shared my Father and Son moment, for my Dad is a man who doesn’t like seeing blood. These days, I’m fairly mature about blood and guts, and it doesn’t bother me.

Outside the world of fame and glory in the so-called ‘regular’ jobs. I did have a desire to study computer animation in California. Ever since my Dad rented Toy Story on VHS from the local Blockbusters video store – and I watched it with my Mum on my 17th birthday in 1996, I craved to work for the likes of Disney and Pixar. However, my parents would have to sell their life for me to study abroad, and I didn’t have any wealthy uncles, so I had to knock back studying abroad. Alternatively, I did consider studying computer arts in Dundee, and I even passed the interviews, whilst I presented my prized portfolio. However, the one major thing that knocked my confidence back was that I tend to excel in arts and crafts, and drawing still life, but I’m not the artist to draw a dragon out of nowhere. I learned later in life that it was a wise choice, as most film studios prefer candidates to have an art education based on traditional art skills. We didn’t even focus much on the traditional methods, and I did Advanced Higher Art, which was the highest level in high school.

Hence forth, I opted to study BSc Computer Games Technology with a hope of becoming a games designer. I aspired to create fun games, and somehow make a difference for the masses. Again, I was ambitious to live and work in the States, as America was the place to be… but one thing led to another, and I ended up graduating from my degree and teaching English abroad, only to return shortly back to Scotland to study BD Theology and Pastoral Studies at a local Baptist Seminary with a view to explore a call to Christian ministry.

Mind you, my inner passions about medicine and art still exist. I like to read various medical journals including the British Medical Journal and The Journal of Biblical Counselling by the good people at CCEF. I also crave going back to my artistic roots and once again, express myself on paper using a whole host of mediums from my trusty wooden HB pencils to scraping charcoal on cartridge paper. These days, I tend to dabble on digital mediums like graphic design and photography, but there’s so much to be had in expressing oneself through the creative arts.

So there you go, a first-hand account of my life of the many ‘careers’ that I once thought of pursuing, but after learning to let go of my selfish ambitions, and to sacrifice myself to the LORD, I have no regrets that the journey that I’ve been travelling on is much more rewarding. Following the LORD is definitely not an easy ride, and in ways it’s more demanding in the areas of the physical, spiritual and mental realms of everyday life. But the hope in Christ and the gift of eternal salvation in the LORD is a price that has cost God’s Son Jesus Christ to be pierced on the cross for our transgressions. Living life as a disciple for Christ is something I want to pursue, as a way of expressing and showing my love for Him.

That said, I sincerely look forward to what the LORD has in store for me. As a result, I am learning to abandon my pride and desire for independence, as I sponge off my parents during this testing phase in life, who have grown patiently in Christian love to support me in what they see as honouring the LORD. I know my folks don’t read my blog, but I sincerely pray that they will see the fruits of their harvest of love in the days, months and years to come – and that the LORD would continue to bless them. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!


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