It’s a strange relief knowing that 2013 is nearly behind us.

So much has happened over the past year that I can only describe 2013 as an “encouraging” year. It seems like a vague, yet positive word to encapsulate the past twelve calendar months, but it’s the most suitable word from my vocabulary that describes the past year.

Instead of cramming all the major highlights in one blogpost and be done with it – I wish to take the time to reflect upon each milestone separately, as I believe it will help me to see the bigger picture of God’s providence of His love, grace and mercy.

Today, I wish to reflect back on theology.

Not exactly an easy topic of choice to wrap one’s brain around.

Lately, I have been challenged by a growing understanding of Reformed theology. Without going into minute detail of every aspect of Reformed theology, I find it overall “convincing” because there is a central focus and desire to fixate our attention on God’s Living Word. I respect the theology, and I understand the need for it. There are far too many false preachers and teachers of God’s Living Word. At the same time, it can come across as becoming another person of the Holy Trinity.

Certain Reformed preachers of the Word (and especially closet-Reformed commentators and Reformed organisations) see the Holy Trinity as Father, Son and Holy Scriptures, as opposed to Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is rather defining. Even more so, when reference is made towards the teachings of John Calvin. Hello! Are we not to love the LORD Your God? I’m generalising here, yes – but think about it…

I respect Albert Mohler’s drive to radicalise the Southern Baptists in America to be Reformed in teaching, yet remain Baptist in practice. I guess only time will tell.

I also admit to following more preachers in the Reformed and Reformed Baptist circles, as I grow in my understanding of theology as a whole. Every now and again, I will look at select Charismatic commentators, as I am a practising continuationist – which basically means that I believe in the continued spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Over the past year, I do feel that the LORD is continually refining my theology to better understand the Scriptures. Ultimately, it’s going to take a lifetime, and I’m not accepting a wager if you say otherwise.

I want to avoid nit-picking the Reformed theology, because I don’t want to come across as rebuking God at work in the Global Church (across all evangelical Christian denominations). At the time of writing, I do not see myself fully convert to Reformed theology, but I do know that my theology is in the process of being reformed (please note the use of a small ‘r’ here).

Whether it affects my ‘chances’ at securing a vocational role in pastoral ministry, or in finding a Godly Christian wife – that is not my issue. Nor should I bow down before anyone else except for the LORD God who reveals Himself to us, as we continue to grow in Him with the help of the Holy Spirit, and dwell in a growing and personal relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ.

I am not a Reformed believer. I am not even a Baptist or a Charismatic, but merely a born-again Christian.


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