Today is a curious subject involving Travel, Health and Job. It is also the second-last reflection of this mini-series.


My heart screams with excitement, as I cannot wait to have a steady source of income. Why? Because I miss travelling overseas. I desire to travel to Israel with a highly-acclaimed tour operator. To be completely honest, I have only taken interest in the nation of Israel – as of this year. I am interested in learning the historical aspects of the Bible, and the importance of Israel as God’s chosen people in the 21st century.

I still have a growing desire to pursue a missions trip to Asia. Not so much as a casual 2-week holiday missions trip, but several months or even a year to East Asia. We shall see! At present, Scotland seems to overshadow any real passion to travel abroad. Perhaps the LORD is trying to tell me something.


It is a fantastic feeling to see your personal health return to a level of normality. Living with a physical thorn in the flesh is certainly a game-changer, but I know my limits. It’s also one major reason, why I don’t feel I can commit to overseas mission, purely for the sake of my health. At least the LORD has instilled in my heart, a passion to serve and build for His Kingdom here in Scotland.

I am now doing regular exercise. My body is God’s temple, which I cannot afford to deflect or be complacent with.

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.
(1 Corinthians 6:19-20, ESV)

I strive to run three times each week, and I also do some light weight training. I have indeed trimmed down in weight, which I hope to maintain thereafter. I still eat like a horse, but it’s nice to involve some cardio exercise and get the heart pumping – and breathe in the fresh oxygen to the brain.

Actually, I am content I no longer work in an IT office. There will always be a huge demand for people in IT, and the salary may be ludicrous in certain industries, but it will rapidly kill your health. Work part-time, or as a consultant, or freelancer if you are able. Your body will thank you in the long-term.


At the end of August 2013, I had to let go of my part-time work, as the Company wouldn’t accommodate the change of days I needed to continue my part-time studies with Cornhill. I know the underlying issues as to why, which I shall avoid sharing publicly. The French phrase, “C’est la vie” comes to mind.

I am still keen to explore an opportunity to pursue contractual work as a freelance graphic artist and web designer. Curiously, I have lost the passion that I had, but I am interested to see if the LORD will re-ignite the creative passion to pull in a source of income, while I continue my part-time studies at Cornhill. I know my market, as to target the right businesses who have the money to spend the justified money towards a project. I may be young, but I am certainly not stupid to work for very little. My problem is that you need to be a complete big-head to secure contracts. People in business tend to exaggerate numbers and services, even though they live in a false world of make belief. And since when do honest people succeed in business anyway? Notice the dilemma here?

Hence this growing call to pastoral ministry. Nor do I see work as a pastor a job, but a vocation. To me, I see a role in pastoral ministry a calling to serve and build for the Kingdom of God until He calls me home. I truly desire to see a revival across this land, across the British Isles, especially in Scotland. And so far, opportunities and doors outside Scotland is closed shut. I have pleaded with the LORD that I would only pursue a call to pastoral ministry, if He would provide me with a Godly Christian wife – and I am not afraid to keep walking forward, even if I am still a single bachelor.


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  • We should meet over Christmas. My job is on a shoogly peg because I have been openly challenging the dishonesty present. Might be paid off quite soon. But, The LORD is in charge.

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