Today, will be my final blogspot, as I reflect back on 2013.

My chosen picture of this butterfly is very profound to me. There was a moment  during the summer months, where I felt weary in my Spirit. I was physically tired, mentally exhausted and emotionally drained.

I rarely visit the balcony stands at our church during worship service, but that was where I camped out, whilst catching up with a few folk in Christian felllowship.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the story was when we were singing praises to the LORD in worship, I seen this black and orange butterfly. Strangely, it made me happy. I say strangely, as the poor little thing was flapping its wings inside our church, but it was mainly hovering at the tech desk. Maybe butterflies are attracted to the heat and buzzing noise from the projectors.

There was a time where I no longer seen this butterfly throughout Pastor Jim’s sermon. It was only until after the service that I discovered somebody had snapped a photo of this butterfly, which had rest upon my left shoulder for the duration of the sermon. Seemingly, the butterfly never flinched!

So why on earth am I choosing to reflect on a butterfly. Well, I don’t believe in coincidence, but God-incidence. To me, I was indeed encouraged by what appeared to be a touch from God – so to speak. It was strangely the encouragement that I needed to keep swimming against the tides and storms of everyday life, and remain hopeful that we as born-again Christian believers do not journey alone, for the LORD is present by our side.

Whatever year you may have had… we must strive to let it go, and focus on living for the future. Of course, hold to the good memories of the past year, and find strength in the LORD to overcome the difficulties of the past year, but nonetheless – be encouraged.

Let us anticipate of the LORD’s coming… not so much on the infancy of Christ (at Christmas alone), but to remain steadfast in the love of God and the hope found in our wonderful Saviour – in the LORD Jesus Christ.


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