Welcome to 2014!

Although I have resisted from setting myself any New Year’s resolutions, I’m aiming to be more productive and wise with the time and money that I sparingly have. Time is really our essence here on earth. We have the freewill to choose and live our lives wisely or foolishly.

Late Tuesday night on New Year’s Eve, before the Hogmanay festivities at Edinburgh (on BBC HD on Sky HD), I was revising my calendar for 2014 on my iPad. I wish to try something different this year. I have gone over the top with a daily schedule of things I need to do, things that I want to do, and things I fancy doing.

For example, I want to discipline myself to set aside a longer period of time for prayers and devotional bible study, reading (I have a mountainous pile of books) and learning new skills.

As for the latter, I want to re-learn my web design skills from the humble template designs to more advanced work using dynamic data, including the dull life of programming code. Why?

Firstly, I mainly taught myself basic web design using HTML, when you only needed one person to code a website from scratch. These days, technology has advanced so quickly, that I have been struggling to catch up with the latest in web technologies. I dabble here and there, and I have multiple projects… but sadly, there is no real direction.

Secondly, I am still out of work, yet I’m still a part-time student. Yes, my studies at Cornhill still remain my ultimate priority for this year. I reckon, I can learn new skills in web development, whilst juggling my studies at Cornhill and gaining further experience at the local church that I should feel confident to pursue a job come summer 2014. Realistically, I will likely be working in the secular workplace until further notice from the LORD.

Of course, the LORD God may want to hinder my time to learn new skills and focus on studying the Scriptures entirely, but something tells me, I’ll need to juggle my time, whilst pursuing new opportunities to earn a salary of some kind (and hopefully pursue contract work in freelancing). During the Christmas break, I did work on an 8-hour stint at cleaning for one of our brothers in Christ at our local church. The problem is the 8-hour shift has literally killed me. Not only did I discover muscles in places that I never knew existed, but my phantom scar came to haunt me. It’s not nice to be reminded of your past operation regarding a perforated appendix.

At the same time, my lack of money is something that puts me off in search of a godly Christian wife. It’s not that I feel ashamed to be sponging off my parents at nearly 30 years of age, but if I’m to be a leader of the household, just as God is the head of His Church, then I also want to be in an “adequate” position to be able to provide for my family, until we expand – thus living as a family unit.

I guess it doesn’t stop me from pursuing a godly friendship with a young Christian woman. After all, it takes time to grow and flourish, much like a seed that needs to be planted on good soil and watered frequently throughout the seasons of the year. Anyhow, a faithful and godly Christian woman will understand my situation, and remain steadfast in her faith and love in the LORD.

As much as I outwardly portray myself as silently confident for 2014, I know my faith will be tested greatly, especially when there is much uncertainty regarding your own future. But hey, that’s part of the fun, excitement and adventure when journeying in faith in the LORD. One can only trust in the LORD, continue to grow in Him – and simply wait on His confirmation.


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