Firstly, thank you for your prayers for our safe arrival in HK. Although, there was a delay to fly out from Glasgow, we were able to secure our connecting flight from Dubai to Bangkok by 30 mins, and to finish our roundtrip in Hong Kong. Baggages arrived with us from start to end (praise the LORD), and we had a fantastic crew team with Emirates en route throughout, whom I still enjoy flying with. And I still argue that Emirates are the safest airline to travel with.

I hope to blog on a daily basis, even though I am without my trusty MacBook Pro laptop, but I have my camera gear for capturing the sights and oddities, while my iPad should allow me to connect to the Internet on the go. And it’s handy to be in East Asia, as HK is touted to have good Wi-Fi connectivity, which I will find out later today. I decided against bringing my laptop last minute, as I felt the LORD convict me to relax, enjoy a holiday and to be still and know that He is the LORD. It will be a nice feeling to let go of grounding myself to a computer these days!

I will attempt to record some video, and I am keen to do some post-production when I come back, before deciding to upload it to YouTube. Who knows, if I capture something ridiculous in nature, it may be a viral… and my finances will be sorted through the crazy in-ad revenues.

I think I have defeated the jet-lag already, and it’s only Day 2. Even though I hardly slept on the plane due to the awkward sitting positions and cabin noise and pressure (we were well above 30,000 feet in the air at over 550 mph), I took the opportunity to self-indulge in the food. Though it was the usual astronaut food in localised ovens, it is still fuel for the body and I knew I needed the energy to help carry the luggages. Mum has struggled with a poor appettite, but Mum is like that when flying. I reckon it may also be an age thing too. Shhhh!

I am glad to be back in Hong Kong, despite not craving with excitement to fly out. 18 hours in the air, not including connecting stopovers is a test of endurance for anyone’s body. Overall, it has been 8 years since I last travelled to Hong Kong, and 7 years since I last flew overseas… and we are not talking about a ferry trip to the Isle of Bute or a car ride to England. Who knows it may be a place to return, and it’s a cool feeling to pass off as a HK citizen. Time will tell.


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