It’s great to quickly adjust to the local waters. Seemingly drinking a carton of soya can help the chemical balance within the immune system to readjust itself, especially when travelling to East Asia. Anyhow, it would be a difficult couple of days if one was to experience a tummy bug, especially when we from Scotland take pride in our fresh and clean waters.

It was lovely to eat meals upon meals throughout the day and taste the flavours of the local Chinese delicacy, not your European Cantonese cuisines with funny restaurant names. Meals like noodle soup, rice soup, dumplings, duck… and other foods where you point and ask, “What is that?”

The cool thing about eating out here is that all foods are made fresh, hence it is often cheaper to eat on the go. Due to the freshness of foods around here, I was hoping to see a rotating pig’s head on a spit, as you would when travelling to Asia. Instead, I see a selection of roasted chickens and ducks showcased for take away meals. To any vegetarian readers out there, I’m sorry. To the rest of the meat monsters, it’s quite a scene… just don’t expect to see rotating ducks at your local Sainsbury’s.

Fortunately, the weather over in Hong Kong doesn’t melt your face away, which is a relief, as I find it quite unbearable. The temperature so far is like our warm summer day in Scotland at around 19° – 21°. The weather looks to peak at around 26° by the end of the week.

Overall, I do feel at peace to be able to switch my brain from studies. It’s a strange concept for me not to glue myself to a computer, despite blogging from an iPad here and using the local library to upload some photos, but it’s good to find rest for the body and mind, while life is zooming past you. I’m also happy to be connected to the Internet, using the official Hong Kong Tourist SIM chip for the iPad. It comes in handy. Now I just need to find out the scores of the fantasy football from the past weekend!


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