These are my Chinese grandparents, who both reside in a residential care home in Hong Kong. They are also my only surviving set of grandparents.

They both tell a sad story. Their marriage was arranged by relatives, as they were both orphaned from their original families during the World War.

My Chinese Grandma is a devout Christian. She also has a reputation in being very animated in her facial expressions, multiple hand signals and spontaneous sound effects.

My Chinese Grandpa has recently gone through baptism. However, I cautiously believe (with optimism) that he is a Christian. I say cautiously, as he doesn’t reject the Gospel, but he neither outwardly practices his faith through prayer and Word (although he will participate in prayer). One may argue that his standing with God, brings harmony within the family. At the end of the day, only the LORD God knows the heart of man.

And though I cannot fluently engage in a theological conversation in Cantonese with my Chinese Grandpa, he has indeed changed for the good. He has abandoned his Buddhist faith, and he even allowed the local church to toss ungodly idols, shrines and fake offerings. He was even willing for the church to sanctify and cleanse the apartment, before residing himself to the residential care home in Hong Kong. He no longer smokes too, and he comes across as very mellow.

It has been 8 years since I last seen my relatives in Hong Kong, and it’s great to see them once again. Time certainly flies.

I just pray that the LORD would continue to bless them with good health and happiness. And even though my Chinese grandparents both reside at a residential care home, and considering the challenging upbringing they both share, I do believe that they are in a good place, and it’s comforting to know that they can look after themselves and escape every now and again.

God willing, I also pray that I will have the finances to see them again soon!


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