They say that good things must come to an end. This has got to be the quickest trips to Hong Kong ever! It is also the first time I have experienced Hong Kong during the Easter break, which was of a cooler temperature (like mid-20’s, usually mid-30’s). Nonetheless, my face still melted from the hot temperatures! Usually, we parents try to travel when time and money permits, but due to circumstances that would typically involve Mum and Dad to travel together, I stepped in for my Dad this time, while he continues to recuperate in his health… (from his double bypass) and the fact that his travel insurance is very expensive.

I also apologise in advance for condensing the last 5 days of our trip into one blogpost. The reason for doing a super blogpost is purely because Mum and I have been busy lately every night, and I have been unable to visit the local library to edit and upload some photos. You think we’ve been going to raving parties, but we’ve mainly been enjoying the company of friends and family.

We feel blessed that Mum has loving friends and family who are so generous and hospitable. And it’s amazing that despite the hard-working culture here in Hong Kong, they have been able to spend a day or two to keep us company, either guiding us to new places and pick up the odd bargain here and there, or to help us with our luggage en route to the airport.

Dad has generously paid for my flights (as it would have been Dad’s ticket anyway) and he’s even given some spending money, as he knows I’m still without work at present, but he wanted me to keep Mum company, especially when I haven’t personally seen Mum’s side of the family for 8 years. In a way, I feel embarrassed, as I want to be able to afford things myself, but of course, circumstances in life can take a sharp detour… and suddenly you find yourself pleading with the LORD in prayer demanding a firm answer.

Speaking of prayer…

Dad took ill-health when we were away, coincidentally within the first 24-hrs of Mum and I leaving the country. One thing led to another, and all is well in the end. Dad had a kidney stone that caused much pain, but the stone has left his body. It’s a blessing to have brothers and sisters in Christ locally back home in Scotland and even overseas pray for his health and recovery. The LORD is good.

I also don’t have a calling to work or serve in Hong Kong. I know I could force myself to work in East Asia, purely for the sake of finances and my single marital status. Teaching English overseas is a lucrative career, something which comes and goes with my mind. Visa-wise, I can legally work in HK. However, teaching English overseas is not my current passion. It is still the Church that still screams out. Funnily, I still have a heart for Scotland too!

Will I return back to Hong Kong soon? It really depends on the future… whether the central path opens up to new doors of opportunity, and even with Scotland’s Future regarding Scotland’s Independent Vote.

Now that I’m 8 years older than I was last time round, I have been brave to venture among the locals buying groceries and go my own way. I can often understand family-oriented conversations better than everyday conversations with complete strangers. I don’t feel 100% confident when speaking Cantonese with the locals, especially when the Scottish accent pierces through the mixed Asian appearance.

Overall, I wish to thank you for your well wishes, welcoming back to British soil and prayers for our safe journey there and back again, and I hope some of the pictures posted so far give a bit of a taste and flavour of Hong Kong. I have exactly 1,569 photos captured and I hope to start sifting through the collection and host a selection via Flickr and use 500px to host some artistic photos.


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