Okay, I am determined and giddy to do a back-to-back daily photo essay of Hong Kong.

From the series, I will be choosing to reflect on some key highlights from a photographer’s perspective, and why I felt led to capture a particular frame on film. I am using Flickr to upload a select bundle, which you can find here at: www.flickr.com/photos/indescribablelove (select Hong Kong from the Albums tab).

The transportation system in Hong Kong consists of ferries, a world-class MTR subway system, trams (also known as a “ding ding”), standard buses, mini buses, and red taxis. These mini buses come in two colours: red and green. Curiously, these mini buses actually drive faster than regular buses at crazy speeds, as they weave in between traffic all throughout Hong Kong. If you want to get from A to B, hop on a mini bus and before you know it – you’ll reach your destination in no time!

This is an unusual scene (at least for me), where Mum and I witnessed a gathering of retired Christians from neighbouring churches across Cheung Chau island. The gathered pilgrims join in Christian unity for worship in the great outdoors at the Cheung Chau Sports Ground. However, it raised eyebrows with me, as the worship service and co-ordinated exercises is done via loud speakers. Basically, you can actually hear words of Christian worship being played through the airwaves. It didn’t bother me, but it made me think about the Freedom of Speech in Hong Kong. Even though the State Government controls and censors the media, I was encouraged that there is no law regarding the Freedom of Speech among Christians. It’s hard to believe that Hong Kong actually have more freedom of religious speech compared with Britain (and even America these days).

This is one of my favourite pictures. It was a rare moment with nature up close. It looks beautiful on the big screen. It is what you see… a brown butterfly drinking from a plastic drinks container (and no it wasn’t from Starbucks either). I just wish I had a better Canon SLR camera to capture such beauty with more pixels, but nonetheless I was happy with the result.

I don’t really need to mention much here, but this is indeed a large Apple store that is part of the IFC mall. It’s HUGE, and I managed to pop inside and have a look. The Apple store in Hong Kong is always packed out with people wanting to try the latest gadgets. I couldn’t help but notice special cling film over the iPads, iMacs and iPhones due to the hygiene laws in HK. If you visit your local Apple store in the West, there is no clear plastic over the Apple products… you can smear your fingers to your hearts content. Over in Hong Kong however, gadgets are cleaned out thoroughly as to prevent infections and germs from being passed on to other people. Very considerate may I add.

I took this shot en route from Island Evangelical Community Church (Island ECC) on the tram, hence the overhead cables and no traffic from behind. I unknowingly captured a bus that featured a crying baby at the bottom left corner, and I unknowingly passed an evangelical church that is hosted in one of these skyscrapers (hint: Ambassador International Church at the Conrad Hotel).


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