It’s a strange feeling to hit a writers block for nearly 3 months beyond my reflections of Hong Kong. In recent times, my heart and mind have been hitting a brick wall.

It would be hard to fully articulate what I really want to express without causing controversy, so I shall resort to l33t speak for those who know enough of me via the blogosphere or in-person, whilst maintaining a level of integrity and sanity.


I am beginning to wonder if single Christians are fuss-pots (myself included). Speaking within a British context… beyond the stereotypical scenarios of boy meets girl at a social gathering often involving alcohol, or clubbing at really dodgy ghettos, also involving alcohol… why must the single Christian find themselves plucking daisies from the fading grass of superficial pastures – that is the ever-changing opinions of today’s culture and society?

Why does the “good gal” or the “good guy” always have to endure singleness like an ice pole? Can one identify such in a gathered body of Christ? Does the local church even care about single Christians? I know the LORD cares, for He is the Good Shepherd (Psalm 23), and He is likely to use that pure form in one’s sexual purity and burning passion to serve and build for God’s Kingdom in fanciful ways, but surely one can still grow in friendships with those of the opposite sex to at least develop healthy relationships. Perhaps single Christians are indeed fuss-pots (myself included)!


At different stages in one’s life, we come towards a complex intersection, where one has to decide what direction to journey in life. An intersection may be in the form of a T or Y junction or a set of crossroads. For others, they are presented with a roundabout of unknown lanes and exits. These roundabouts can cause a fluster, as you question whether you’re travelling on the right lane, and you find yourself voicing prayers and asking God earnestly when to get off the roundabout, without having to go round the roundabout again.

There is something nice to feel privileged in certain areas in life (i.e. family support, circle of people who actively pray for you), but there is a sheer sense of madness in not knowing what lane to be travelling on at a given roundabout. You have ideas. You even crave the impossible with good intentions. You even dream the IMPOSSIBLE! You contemplate your motives. You get blocked off, when you think the timing is right. And once again, you find yourself on the same unknown lane, where you’re still nowhere near a desired exit. It’s especially nail-biting when there is a lack of fuel in your car – and any minute the engine can cut off, and you could potentially find yourself in an ill-fated collision.


I think its fair to say that those who are charismatic in display and character are often admired by the world, and yet they shroud themselves behind many hats and masks (think of the Chinese Opera if you will). Often, they live alternative lifestyles, yet people find them so attractive. They are people pleasers of today. They accumulate Facebook ‘friends’ in the masses. These days, you need to promote yourself with self-recognition and praise, otherwise you won’t get very far in life. It’s sad, but true. And those who avoid the limelight and work behind the scenes of the world’s judgement are mostly forgotten of their existence.

I was inspired lately by someone’s tweet on Twitter who declared that, “We need to raise up & deploy 1,000,000 ordinary, Bible-teaching, people-loving pastors, not 20 sensational conference speakers.” Another swing to the 2-sided argument is that many of God’s “divinely appointed” don’t bother to disciple and train such people. And yet, it’s the local church who is responsible to train its congregation, not a seminary school who has to survive as a business model (more students = more revenue). It makes folk question the biblical context of the Great Commission and the pivotal focus of God’s Living Word, beyond creating communities we have today.

Returning back to the limelight illustration and how it leads to superficial acceptance. Admittedly, I have nearly fallen into the temptation to become someone else, other than myself. After all, it is one such ingredient to finding earthly success, but that’s the point. Earthly success only belongs to the world. When one passes away, they can’t exactly take with them their countless academic certificates, lifetime achievements or world-renown recognition and accolades with them. Because of this truth, it brings a smile (and cheeky grin) to my face, because only the LORD God truly knows the heart of man (1 Samuel 16:7, Jeremiah 17:10). We need to recognise to be ourselves, the unique way that God created us to live and be.


I am so thankful for my parents. They are incredibly loving to me in every way that I honestly do not know how to repay them. I strive to keep them as my No. 2 (God being No. 1), as they both know. But seriously, I am just humbled to have loving parents who are incredibly patient with me, especially when I had to give up my part-time job last autumn. They do share my pain and frustrations with things of late, and they have unconditionally supported me in my remaining tuition fees that I may complete my studies at Cornhill.

Two reflections come to mind here. One being my next door neighbour, who is frail with a long-term stroke. Although, he has carers who visit him daily, I am thankful that he has loving kids who is committed to return back their love for him, who is struggling in his health. Reflecting upon their family, I do pray that the LORD would provide a wife who will also love my parents, as being an only child can be quite overwhelming. But together that we would raise godly children, who will naturally know how to love others the way that Christ Jesus set an example to us, as noted in the Gospels.

My second reflection regarding parents swings back to the LORD. As much as I am always thankful for the love of my parents, as they strived in godly discipline, and an overflowing unconditional love for me… I cannot begin to imagine how much more that our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us, especially those who belong to Him through Christ.


One comment on “Life on Hold – Please Wait

  • I completely understand the writers’s block. I’ve felt that way myself lately. It seems the only time I can get inspired is when I can’t actually gush the information out. Later, when trying to recall what seemed so good, I have nothing.

    Genuine friendship with the opposite sex in the single world? Is that even possible?! I’ve been blessed of late to see that maybe possibly, hopefully, some of the young men I go to church with can actually be called “friend” and not “guy I go to church with”. It can be a frustrating spot in life. But you know that better than I. My Texas church has that sense of community and I have friends that had it as other churches as well. I think being an American may help my situation. Sorry, bro. lol

    I wish you could have been here for prayer meeting this evening. We took a look at Acts 1 and drew some principles about making life decisions. So encouraging. Two things that stuck out to me were to 1. know your options based on the Word & 2. pray in community with one heart. The second one seems even more rare than the 1st to me.

    Parents. You’re parents seem fabulous. It is such an encouragement and blessing to read how you bless the LORD for them. May you be able to richly bless them (more than I’m sure you do) as well.

    Praying for you, hermano.

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