Quite often, we don’t understand God’s grace because we choose to live out our own agenda in our personal lives. However, God is in the midst of our everyday problems. When life hangs in the balance, or we go through a season where we experience multiple emotions that we often struggle to process – we often find ourselves derailed from our focus on our Heavenly Father.

God’s Amazing Grace

Admittedly, I think I am beginning to fully grasp the intimate nature of God’s amazing grace. In the past 30 days, two fellow brothers in Christ shared with me that “money is nothing.” At the time of listening, I couldn’t help but smile cheekily with a grin, because these two brothers in Christ have lived a good life – both of whom are happily married with beautiful children and either holding onto a job, or adjusting to a retired life.

For me, on the other hand, I am unable to share or remotely relate in the golden years of a lived life. I can however, empathise the journey they both shared with me.

Nonetheless, my two friends both share a biblical principal – money is indeed nothing! For someone trying to secure a “common job” through paid work, it’s an interesting predicament.

Unfortunately, many of us will actively waste our time in achieving the worldly goals in securing a fancy house, or a super-fast car, or the worldly accolades and titles that some so desire in life.

For the rest of us plebs (myself included) – WHO CARES!

When I was younger, I did aspire to secure a high-paid job, purely out of a desire to support my parents financially. The tables turn, when I am being supported by my parents for which I am completely in awe of their patience and understanding.

Even more so, I am in awe of God who values me for who I am. God has the ability to call my number as such, but He chooses to give me the oxygen to breathe and live another day. I may not be raking in a reliable source of income, but the LORD does pour His grace through entitlement benefits that allow me to grow in my education with the hope of securing paid work. The more I apply for far-reaching jobs in the creative industry and that of regular IT jobs, the more I recognise I am NOT interested in slaving myself in sweatshop conditions as an IT monkey.

God’s Bigger Picture

I do believe that God is tugging (or in Facebook terms, “poking”) my heart to possible avenues that are completely out of my comfort zone. I believe the avenues are linked to God, because I have seen a glimpse of God’s bigger picture with regards to building for the Kingdom of God and reaching out to the lost – outside the walls of a local church, and outside the secular workplace. And as a person who is renowned for (over)analysing everything, I also believe it can hinder my faith to completely trust in the LORD of such a unique opportunity.

Perhaps I am afraid of falling in failure territory again, and yet it’s funny, because the past year or so, I have specifically asked the LORD in my everyday prayer to help me grow thick-skinned in overcoming failure and to grow more in faith in the LORD. After +70 “Dear John” applications from jobs applied – I get that God is indeed answering my prayer. A friend often reminded me, during my time at seminary, “Be careful what you pray for Rich, it may well come true!”

To Mission or Not to Mission

I also have a thing for overseas mission. However, I don’t want to experience it purely to visit an orphanage in Africa, or to gain experience to “prove” to a university institution to enroll myself in a medical undergraduate degree programme. But simply because people’s hearts overseas are softer than the secularisation of the West. However, we as a family often remember folk who are serving in global mission. We may not know their names and the circumstances (and dangers) they face, but we appreciate that God knows them better than anyone – and that we are agreeing through intercessory prayer as a family.

I still have a craving for East Asia, but I don’t fully have a burning call as yet. I’m still more concerned for the poor, here in the UK. And as previously mentioned, my primary expenditure when pursuing work or overseas mission would be to secure an international medical insurance. I even turned down of a missional opportunity to be based in Hong Kong recently for a key reason, as I didn’t see or hear any confirmation from the LORD to pursue the opportunity, despite being a prime candidate to pass through multiple interviews.


I am deeply thankful for the intercessory prayers of friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ locally and across the pond – some of whom, I have never met in my life. I am in particularly thankful for those who are able to read in-between the lines of things that I have chosen to share and reflect upon in recent months.

Despite the lack of activity with regards to securing paid work, I am growing in faith to recognise that God may well indeed be prepping something better behind the scenes. I trust that my Heavenly Father knows what He is doing, and I look forward in the weeks and days to come.

If there’s one thing that is keeping me sane and at peace – despite the chaos, it’s all because of God’s amazing grace.


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