Coping is a masking term that we use to describe ourselves when we face pressure in a given situation, or when facing the emotional realities of profound burdens, where you feel like carrying a pile of bricks upon your shoulders. Coping is a word that I am growing more accustomed to in makeshift conversation.

And yet, it’s weird that we, as born-again Christians tend to avoid real words to describe our human struggles in life, or even when going through seasons of spiritual warfare. We often want to be associated with such heavenly blessings, charismatic gifts and God’s indescribable love and forgiveness – all of which is revealed through the grace of God, and the anointing works of the Holy Spirit.

And here I am, penning a reflection as we clock past midnight, because I can’t sleep gracefully that I know I am capable of doing without much thought and effort.

There is no shame in accepting and recognising the emotional struggles in our everyday life. For some, it is considered a healthy process. We fall down, and then we are standing firm on solid two feet. We might have the odd bruise here and there, or sometimes a cut that leaves a scar, or something deeper like a thorn in the flesh. There is however, a danger of denying ourselves that we need help – and quite often, we need supernatural help in areas in our lives that is beyond human capability (and understanding), but in the divine power in the LORD Himself.

I pray that my faith in Christ (whatever measurement that God sees within me) is faithful enough to remain faithful no matter what season I have to face in life. Endurance is painful. We passively read about the Christian’s endurance without second thought. However, endurance is incredible exhausting (think of your sporting heroes and world-class athletes). Endurance not only affects the physical body, but also in the human mind. It is through endurance (whether it’s physical, spiritual or mental) that we ought to secure our faith, hope and strength in Christ. Only He can pull us from the pits that sink our feet from our trapped surroundings.

Faithful endurance is when you don’t give up persevering through the pain and suffering. Yes, it’s easy to pull the plug. It really is! Let’s be utterly honest with ourselves about that absolute and sensitive truth. I also believe in an underlying consequence, when we choose to be disobedient in that essence of endurance that obviously God allows to exist on earth. I am sure that as a result of the cosmic chaos that is sin, endurance is the spiritual training that helps believers to grow in Christ, no matter how tough it labours our hearts and minds.

Yes, we can take a moment, and be cynical towards life and think that life is a game, but I cannot help but believe (not feel), but believe that there is some righteous reward when we appear before the LORD as a good and faithful servant.

I am Richard. I am a child of God, and I am coping.


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