I refuse to make traditional New Year resolutions, since I fail to pursue them to the very end. I will, however, make some revolutionary ambitions, some of which are beyond my human capability and understanding, as I feel there are some things that are Spirit-led that are brewing within my Spirit, but I wish to test and see if it’s from the LORD. More importantly, I want to discern if it’s God’s will and timing to pursue such plan of action.

Yes, I am choosing to be ambitious with some projects, some of which I will be playing close to my chest. Other things are merely milestones in the hope of learning something new, but nothing ridiculous like playing the national anthem through my nostrils.


One such ambition is job related. Like other young adults like me, it is only natural to pursue a steady-income job, whether it’s manual labour or professional work in an office or corporate environment. Well, I’m going to go against the grains of common sense, as I wish to pursue a line of work, where my role and responsibility will focus on serving others. *If* the LORD is *still* “training” me for pastoral ministry, then I wish to lose any prideful attitudes and earn a humble living by faithfully serving others outside the walls of a church and witness among the needy.

I’ve recently seen some vocational posts advertising for leadership experience and qualities including being part of a leadership / eldership team in some shape and form, but I’m amused that such vocational “adverts” overlook Scriptural characteristics, and unfortunately, it seems to be the norm that godly character is replaced with human ability.

The servant leadership that Jesus Himself lived out in biblical practice is a good example that we should be following, as noted in Matthew 20:25-28 (ESV).

25 But Jesus called them to him and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. 26 It shall not be so among you. But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, 27 and whoever would be first among you must be your slave, 28 even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”


The servant leadership model is something that links with a bigger ambition that is closer to my heart (well, it’s not exactly mine, I believe that God has placed this ambition on my heart a few years back and it’s been slowly growing since). I still don’t know how to pursue this ambition, and yet I was encouraged to (accidentally) stumble upon a similar working model that is currently in operation across two cities in Scotland. That is all I can share for now.


Outside the realms of real people and superficial salaries, I am keen to acquire new skills including learning the WHOLE of Adobe’s Creative Suite, and learn how to program like a geek since programming is more logical than life itself. Seriously! I am not a mathematical genius, and academically my English is better than my Maths, but since programming is where the money is at in today’s prime jobs in the ICT industry, I’m going to force myself to learn something beneficial, as a side project – with a focus on web programming and mobile development.

I am also interested in learning copywriting and internet security, and it would be fascinating to learn more of the complex operating systems that govern the world wide web. Making a website is all very nice, but learning the tedious backbone mechanics can really help to understand the boundaries of internet security, especially with multi-national government agencies who are making significant investment in recruiting such abled people – something that I am keen to avoid, but nonetheless interested to learn since this is how we are living the future, where services and files are stored in “the Cloud” and hacking is more commonplace than a bloke winning the national lottery.


Above all, I am going to make it a priority to read the whole of the Bible in a year, alongside a steady stream of Christian books (and possibly some Christian biographies of Christian missionaries – the classics are the best, no money-spinning internal politics or back-patting dealings, but sincere hearts to serve). I don’t know how I will achieve this goal, as I seem to fail at “reading-the-whole-Bible-in-a-Year” target every time, but I will improvise new ways to make it happen. I want to be in a solid position in my relationship with my Heavenly Father that I can fully discern with complete confidence and recognise His voice amongst the everyday distractions of life. I am absolutely determined to lose old habits and create healthy habits that I am able to maintain come rain or shine.

Maybe, if I have time above everything else, then maybe… just maybe, I will learn how to play the national anthem through my nostrils.

In the meantime, I am going to start the day (and year) with an earnest prayer for godly wisdom, knowledge and guidance because all of the above is simply ad-lib.


2 comments on “Ambitions for 2015

  • As has been noted before, Jesus would have been hard put to get an interview for a pastor position today! Stick close to God and He will work it all out for you. Yesterday I fell quite ill with the old D&V. But the day was spent listening to God as he led me on a long tutorial on what he is doing in Israel, the UN, USA, Uk, France, etc and how this is evident in the later psalms. Wow! A wasted day of illness? No! A day spent at the feet of the Master is never wasted.

    • True! I stumbled across quite a few articles surrounding that Jesus Himself wouldn’t take the job as a pastor, or that He would be “underqualified.”

      Glad to hear that you are recovering bro, ready for another year. Even better to sit in the presence of the LORD.

      In Christ,

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