As I shared with familiar faces last week, it is a daily fight for joy in Christ.

On the surface, I am still coping – still enduring. I am able to find plentiful of things to give thanks for and count my blessings each and everyday, than rant about things that I could easily moan about. At the time of writing, I am still waiting for multiple answers on various issues regarding the immediate future.

Hot on Health

Health has strangely resolved itself after a month-long spell of head colds and unusual viral infections. The odd sneeze and the clearing of throat, but nothing head-scratching.

Sleeping is a bit of a mixed bag. Again, time-wise, for a month now, I’ve been having lucid dreams during the night. It is easing in the past week or two, though there has been some evenings that I felt uncomfortable to sleep. According to medical journals and articles related to neuroscience, my lack of solid sleep is related to stress… no doubt, because life is hanging in limbo. Whatever the case, I am strangely not interested in retaining my dream state or environment. What’s wrong with counting sheep jumping over the green meadows of a nearby farm? Wait?! Am I in a dream right now?…

Bible Reading

I am encouraged in my new-form of devotional reading. I am focusing solely on God’s Word and simply reading the Scriptures for all its worth, without consulting to commentaries, pastoral reflections or even using traditional devotionals like Our Daily Bread. I am trying to grow more disciplined in leaning on God’s Word and His Word alone, and I admit, I find it super challenging.

So far, I am using the Bible from Tecarta. I wanted the ability to own a digital copy of two translations that I can read offline, but use across multiple devices. Basically pay one price – use on multiple devices.

The two Bible translations that I find much encouragement is the NLT (New Living Translation) and the NASB (New American Standard Bible). I find they both share the Greek translation, which I favour compared with the ESV, which I also know leans more towards a Calvinistic slant, especially when you dive into the historically rich, yet Calvinistic material from the ESV Study Bible. I also find the ESV a snobby version to the NIV, which share a similar language, but with the NIV 2011 update, I haven’t sat down to study the theological changes that have been making the waves in evangelical camps several years back. For a deeper and balanced Bible study, I use all four bible translations.

I also love how the Tecarta Bible app is fluid in capturing notes and I really dig the highlighted options. I now use a 4-colour annotation convention, when I digitally vandalise the Scriptures. I find it better to organise than the YouVersion Bible from LifeChurch, which although receives the most attention and technical support, appears to be more of a social-based app. Unfortunately, there is no ability to purchase a digital copy of a specific translation. Otherwise, I would use YouVersion, because it is the most popular Bible app on the market.

That is all I wish to reflect for now. There are other things I would like to share, but I will wait when the time is right. So yeah, one day at a time.


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